Build your own NFT Marketplace on Different Blockchains | NFT Development

Build your own NFT Marketplace on Different Blockchains | NFT Development

Building NFT Marketplace on Different Blockchain Technology

NFTs Utility started reaching peaks. NFT started leaving its footprints from digital to physical assets, the need for NFT marketplaces became indispensable. The interest in NFT has been widely increasing, people from comprehensive communities started marching towards the Crypto world, focusing on NFT. At a certain point, Crypto enthusiasts started barging into NFT Development company to build NFT marketplaces and making use of this market hype as a business opportunity. In this blog, let’s see the development of different blockchain-based NFT marketplaces.


  • NFT Marketplace Development on BSC
  • NFT Marketplace Development on Matic
  • NFT Marketplace Development on Tron
  • NFT Marketplace Development on Ethereum

NFT Marketplace Development on Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

NFT marketplace developers prefer Binance Smart Chain for its speed and fewer gas fees. It has a simple UI, The Mining process makes it more preferable. BSC and its reliable approach concept reached up to 12 Million transactions on May 16, 2021. Its growing chain tends to continue with impact on the crypto world.


Binance smart chain from Binance is a community-based, smart contract blockchain open-source system that is decentralized. Which is compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

NFT Marketplace on BSC

NFT marketplace development on BSC should start from picking the best-supported wallet for its NFT tokens BEP-721 and BEP-1155, Inventories to store the NFT tokens, and Frontend UI to increase the adaptability.

The marketplace should be interlinked with BSC to bring out actions like Minting, selling, buying, and biding.

BSC Benefits:

❖ BSC to ETH and vice versa portability

❖ Decentralized Autonomous Organization creation and support operations.

❖ BSC Block validations every 3 seconds once.

❖ Cross-chain transfer support

❖ CipherTrace’s analytics to monitor VASPs, OTC, and originate frauds.

NFT Marketplace Development on Matic (Polygon)

Matic is an open-source community project, which works on ruling out the shortcomings

available in the existing Blockchain technology. It is highly known for its Scalability and rapid transaction.

NFT Marketplace

NFT marketplace development on Matic is the same as other blockchains, where we need to build a Web application that focuses on increasing people’s interaction. The marketplace built with Matic will have very low gas fees.

Some Benefits of Matic:

❖ It is Ethereum Compatible platform

❖ Security with various validations.

❖ completely customizable

Matic Reason for Security & Scalability

Matic is comparatively faster than Ethereum due to its four-layer built.

✔ First Layer — ETH layer for security and consensus

✔ Second Layer — The security layer

✔ Third Layer — Polygon SDK handles interoperability between blockchains

✔ Fourth layer — On-chain and Cross-chain contracts with this Matic ensure scalability.

Want to build a Marketplace with high scalability and security? Get a quote from Matic NFT Marketplace Development.

NFT Marketplace Development on Tron

Tron is also one of the decentralized blockchain technologies with fewer gas fees, but what makes it differ from others are its new standards which work on stabilizing NFT standards. Tron’s architecture is fully distributed by having several modules to enhance modularisation.

Tron NFT Marketplace

Tron can be adopted into any NFT marketplaces as it supports cross-chain and Its TRC-721 is fully compatible with ERC-721. Any marketplace with required features can use The Tron Blockchain.


TRC-721 standards allow us to tokenize an asset with its uniqueness, Its ERC-721 compatibility allows us to make several cross-chain exchanges.

Benefits of TRC-721:

✓ Metadata Extension Interface: This permits our smart contracts to verify for its name and for details about the assets which our NFTs represent.

✓ Enumeration Extension Interface: This helps us to control and publish the full list of NFTs and make them approachable.

NFT Marketplace Development on Ethereum

Ethereum is the first decentralized blockchain technology to introduce NFT to the crypto world, Most other existing Blockchain technology will have Virtual machines to support Ethereum.

Build your own NFT Marketplace on Different Blockchains | NFT Development

High gas fee

If ETH drops the developers will cut off the smart contracts / Dapps as they are cheaper to acquire. If ETH increases investors will make transactions to gain some profit either way transactions are being made continuously without slowing, so the gas price has less chance of cut-price.

ERC- 721 and ERC-1155

ERC-721 was the first-ever standardized NFT. It is most widely used and adopted. It is known for its security and transparency. ERC-721 has a unique way to create and track tokens.

ERC-1155 is also known as the “Next-generation multi-token standard”. It can cut down the gas price to 90% but tracing the ownership is a big deal in this standard.

Building a Marketplace in Ethereum

NFT marketplace development on ethereum is widely used for stability and reliability. Though the Competitors like BSC have reached beyond ethereum, people still trust ethereum for its stability.

Wrap Up

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