A Measure of Technology

A Measure of Technology

"If You're not Measuring, You're guessing."

Some of the unknowns when it comes to visiting a Chiropractor include not knowing what to expect when you attend a consultation and examination.

Every office differs in their approach to patient care for varying reasons; in our office I believe in measuring at regular intervals to monitor progress. Why is that important? As the quote goes:

"You don't know where you're going until you know where you've been" 
-English Proverb/Old Saying

In our practice we focus on structural shifts of the spine and their overall effect on health and well-being. Once we've determined that the problem is likely to be improved under our model of care we'll recommend to a prospective patient to progress on to a specific examination. In that examination we use a range of computerized tests that are to determine our 'starting point'; and to allow for a measure of progression. Digital structural photographs also help depict any shifts we see and allow us to reference back to them as structural shifts improve.

Structural Shift?

what about Traditional approaches to measuring?

In traditional practice models the measure is usually using something along the lines of 'Pain scale'. In other words, they ask on day one for someone to rate their issue out of 10. Down the road they ask again to look for improvement. Is it a great approach? Not really. Pain scale is an entirely subjective approach to gauging improvement. A 9/10 issue on day one, when someone's world is turned upside down; may be miraculously a 2/10 issue after one adjustment. The question lies in what a 9 or a 2 mean though. Where did they improve? What has changed? Pain in and unto itself is a poor measure of overall improvement. Pain makes up only a small portion of a problem; and although it should not be ignored, it should also not be relied upon to determine direction of care solely.

How is our approach different?

We use Objective Indicators to measure improvement/fall back on a visit to visit basis; as well as advance testing at set intervals to monitor improvement. This isn't a guessing game; this is a way of gauging the path for which we are trying to walk a patient down.

Curious to learn more? Contact us any time for a complimentary consult. It's a conversation... not a commitment.

Dr. Matt Lindsay - Aligned Chiropractic