Nebosh Safety Course in Chennai(Igc Certificate)

Nebosh Safety Course in Chennai(Igc Certificate)

We are the best Nebosh Training In Chennai also have gone through the hard process to get NEBOSH accreditation.

NEBOSH new format open book exam though was seen with doubt and hesitation by the learners , now has created a huge demand . The new format open book exam has got a great reception and tremendous support from the learners. The new format NEBOSH open book exam has widened the way of thinking and understanding and provides a positive approach for the application of mind.

This new format open book exam has same value as the previous NEBOSH international general certificate closed book paper based invigilated exams which were conducted at pre covid scenario Some learners feel that the new format open book exam is easy and they can simply get through the exams.But it is not true. It requires careful reading and understanding of syllabus and correct application of technical knowledge

In new format open book exam learners have some difficulty in understanding the scenario based questions and some technical issues with uploading the answer template But keeping the technical problem in mind NEBOSH have now decided to provide the log in details well beforr the exams and also NEBOSH had released a you tube video tutorials to guide the learners The word count of the answers given by the learner's is also important criteria. Since the duration of the exam is 24 hours , NEBOSH expects learner to provide detailed answers. The learners now have the freedom to refer any source of information, but should not copy and paste Keeping all the above mentioned subject information and constrains we offer an exclusive training and comprehensive revision and range of mock test .

We also offer individual care and assistance to students to ensure that they understand the concept of NEBOSH international general certificate syllabus and the method of open book exam We provide value added hand outs and tutor guidance notes to ensure easy understanding and we also support the students with audio notes