A Guide to the History of Locks

A Guide to the History of Locks

There is now an answer for those who struggle with forgetfulness; electric locks! This is a perfect solution for people who are prone to misplacing things aroun

Imagine living in a world where you never have to worry about forgetting your keys. There is now an answer for those who struggle with forgetfulness; electric locks! This is a perfect solution for people who are prone to misplacing things around the house. What makes these gadgets even better, though? This can make your home safe since it deters break-ins by making it nearly impossible to enter without turning off an alarm system.

What are Electric Locks?

Traditional locks operate with a pin and tumbler lock mechanism. The pins on the inside of your door are what you need to watch out for, as they can only be activated when an authorized key is slid into it.

It's a common misconception that electric locks are like the ones you find in cars. They work similarly, but unlike car doors which require power to open after being locked with your key fob, an electric lock can be opened without pressing any buttons or using electricity at all by simply inserting and turning a physical object such as keys in its slot.

Types of Electric Locks Available

Electric locks are the twenty-first-century version of traditional keys and knoblocks. There's a wide range from which to choose, with various styles available for your home or office space! Let's explore some common types of electric door locks:

Smart Phone Operated Lock

With the convenience of a smartphone-operated lock, you can enter your house without even feeling out for keys. All that's needed is an app on your phone to activate and disengage anytime. The apps are easy enough to set with different times for entrance and exit - perfect if you forget something in between! Some also provide monitoring which will alert you when someone tries breaking into or entering your home- so no more worrying about being there all day long just waiting around. It would be best to talk to a local locksmith to get their professional opinion.


Your fingerprint is your home's password! With a biometric lock, you can unlock the door with just one touch. If your phone rings in an emergency and it's not nearby, use this as a backup plan for emergencies. No more remembering keys or losing house keys- now that's progress!

Coded Entry Locks

Coded entry locks require a sequence of numbers for access. If you forget your code, the lock cannot be accessed without changing it to something else first. The coded entry door is one of the most common types available and features an outside keypad that requires inputting a series of digits to get inside.

Key Fob

Key fobs may seem antiquated, but they are a quick and easy way to access your building. Key fob locks use radio waves (RDIS) that open the door once you have inputted them from outside the premises.

Installing electric locks is a great way to keep your home safe. Electric locks are high-tech and provide an excellent level of protection for the property, but not all properties need or want this type of lock. Talk with your local Locksmith about if they're best for you!