How To Guide for Growing Your Own Greens for Naturally Beautiful Skin & Hair

How To Guide for Growing Your Own Greens for Naturally Beautiful Skin & Hair

Ever wonder what you can do to help your body (skin, hair, and insides!) to detox? Here are some easy tips that you can do at home to get your healthy greens.

As I write this blog post I am finishing off a massive, and I mean massive family sized salad of fresh romaine tossed with simple oil and vinegar and filled with baby tomatoes, mini cucumbers, radicchio and green onion. It accompanied my lean protein lunch and sweet potato to fuel my body with healthy carbs and protein. I love my green veggies and in fact I am following an awesome nutrition plan that my coach created for me to support my daily workout plan for strength training and heart healthy cardio to get my body lean and strong. I am loving having it all laid out for me to follow on a daily basis. When your plan tells you to consume 8 cups of green veggies a day, trust me on this ~ you better get excited about trying new greens like dandelions, bok choy, collard greens, and more to keep it interesting!

This plan has been helping me to feel super energized and I love anything that also helps my skin to look more vibrant and youthful. Being the founder of a Canadian artisan natural skin care product line, I know that it is not only important to apply high quality plant based ingredients topically to my skin but it is also critical that you detox your skin and fuel your body with clean greens and lean proteins. The best part is that I am getting so many comments from people that I look more vibrant, less stressed, cleaner and brighter skin tone, and healthy. That's always sweet to hear.

Here are three things I do to get all my greens into my diet and maximize the effects on my skin, hair and body: grow my own garden, drink wheatgrass shots, and sprout my own seeds. Keep reading more!

Jodie Pappas is the Founder of Canadian artisan natural product line Clean Kiss Organics which is based in Oakville, Ontario.