12 of the Most Beneficial Essential Oils

12 of the Most Beneficial Essential Oils

Out of the 3,000 varieties of essential oils, experts agree these are the top 12.

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Essential Oils

So many people enjoy the tremendous benefits of using essential oils, whether applying them topically, inhaling through diffusion or even ingesting them. There are literally over 3,000 varieties so if you could short-list it down to the top 12, these are the ones most experts would agree would be truly the essentials.

First, what is an essential oil? These are described as volatile aromatic compounds extracted from plants through the process of distillation. They are volatile because their small organic compounds can change quickly from solid or liquid to a gas at room temperature. Some have even described them as the plants own immune system transferred onto you.

Here are the top 12 essential oils we should all have at home:

1-Frankincense - For many this is the king of the herbs. Its applications are quite diverse and powerful. It offers immune supporting, anti-inflammatory properties. It can be used topically, inhaled or taken internally as a supplement. It's wonderful as a mouthwash, used in shampoo/conditioner. It’s also great for skin conditions such as acne and stretch marks. Also known to have anti-cancer properties.  This is one of my favorites which I use daily on my skin.

Frankincense Essential Oil

Frankincense Essential Oil


2-Lavender Oil - This oil has a soothing, sedative effect. Have a headache? Reach for the lavender oil and either inhale it or rub it on the temples. It's also good to help regulate blood sugar levels. It's another great one for the skin, especially for burns. Rub on your feet or spine for a great calming effect. This is another one of my favourites which I also apply to my skin.

top 7 lavender oil benefits

Top 7 Lavender Oil Benefits

Courtesy of Dr. Axe

3-Eucalyptus Oil- Great to diffuse as it helps to clear the lungs. It's also a great endurance tonic and stimulant. Use also as a bug repellent.

health benefits of eucalyptus essential oil

Health Benefits of Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Courtesy of Organic Facts

4-Tea Tree Oil (also known as Melaleuca) - Great disinfectant for its anti-fungal properties. Great for oral care, skin, scalp and shampoo.

top 10 everyday uses for tea tree oil

Top 10 Everyday Uses for Tea Tree Oil

Courtesy of Candida Hub

5-Peppermint Oil - This is a natural mouthwash. You can also use it for muscle or joint pain. Great also for clearing lungs and regulating the digestion.

peppermint oil uses

Peppermint Oil Uses

Courtesy of Stepintomygreenworld.com

6-Lemon Oil - Many identify with using lemon oil in household cleaning aids but it can also be a good cleanse for the body. Dab a bit behind the ears which helps to clean the lymphatic system. It's also good for the skin, hair as well as a teeth whitener.

health benefits of lemon oil

Health Benefits of Lemon Oil

Courtesy of Organic Facts

7-Grapefruit Oil - This oil is great for detoxification. It's good for weight loss as well as a blood sugar supporter.

Health Benefits of Grapefruit Essential Oil

Health Benefits of Grapefruit Essential Oil

Courtesy of Organic Facts

8-Orange Oil - This is another one many identify as a good cleaning agent because of its anti-microbial properties. However, it's also a good immune support.

benefits of orange essential oil

Benefits of Orange Essential Oil

Courtesy of Organic Facts

9-Oregano Oil - This is an incredible anti-oxidant and anti-fungal oil. Have parasites? Get this oil to help support your gut health.

Oil of oregano benefits

Oil of Oregano Benefits

Courtesy of Dr. Axe

10-Geranium Oil - Best known as a beauty tonic. Great for hair and skin but also good as a mood modulator. This oil is also great for blood pressure. I love this oil both for its scent as well as the anti-aging benefits to the skin.

geranium oil benefits

Geranium Oil Benefits

Courtesy of Dr. Axe

11-Rosemary - This is another miracle oil. Great as an anti-stressor, inhibits deadly bacteria, reduces inflammation and has been known for its anti-cancer properties. Furthermore, Rosemary is beneficial for cognitive functioning as well as hormone balancing.  Click here to read more information on this powerful oil.

health benefits of rosemary

Health Benefits of Rosemary

Courtesy of DeeDeeDelivers.com

12-Clove Oil - This is the number one oral health care oil. This oil is the highest anti-oxidant and a powerful immune supporter. It is also a microbial balancer. I also love this oil and add a drop to my regular toothpaste.

benefits of clove oil

Benefits of Clove Oil

Courtesy of Pinterest

Truth be told, we are just skimming the surface of what these powerful oils can do. Lengthy reference manuals have been written outlining their benefits but at least this will give you some idea of their use.

Word of Caution Regarding Pets and Essential Oils

Before using any essential oils on pets or diffusing them into the air, please be aware that some oils can be toxic to their systems. For example, using certain oils around cats can cause a slow build up of toxins in their systems leading to slow onset of organ failure. A cat's liver cannot process toxins as a human's or even a dog's can. Some essential oils that should never be used for animals include tea tree oil, anise, clove, garlic, thyme, juniper, wintergreen or yarrow. There are oils that are safe and have positive effects. Before using any oils, please do your due diligence and ensure they are safe for the entire family, even the furry members.

Quality is Key

On a final note, if you choose to use essential oils, please ensure you are obtaining them from a reputable source. Here are 3 quality control factors that let you know you are getting high-grade oils:

1-Ensure the bottle states it’s ‘100% Pure Oil’. If it doesn't say this, then you must wonder what else is in there.

2-Certified Organic-By buying certified organic oils, you can be assured that the oils will not contain heavy metal deposits, chemical pesticide and other fertilizer residue.

3-GMO-Free - Immunity problems, accelerated aging, infertility issues and detrimental changes to the body's organs and gastrointestinal system have all been associated with GMO's so why would you want them in your essential oils?

For more in-depth information on the above essential oils, click here.

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