5 ideas to make your small bedroom look like a suite

5 ideas to make your small bedroom look like a suite

With the right guidelines, a six or seven-meter double bedroom can visually 'grow' and go from being small to almost a 'suite'.

Choosing the right furniture, an ideal color range, and often unconventional distribution, and a certain amount of common sense, which adapts your needs to the reality of your room, will help you achieve this.

1. Everything in order

The magic of order' exists, or so Marie Kondo proclaims, a bedroom of a few meters is the perfect setting to prove it.

Try to keep everything in its place, do not leave clothes on the bed, do not do Tetris when placing things on the bedside table (glass, book, table lamp, glasses ...), avoid turning a corner into a shoe rack.

5 ideas to make your small bedroom look like a suite

2. Light colors of course

Although to fall asleep, we usually choose dark tones, in a small bedroom, they are not the most appropriate, since they will tend to narrow the room.

Instead, go for neutrals, like beige and gray, or forever 'marry' white. You can bet on a 'total look' or give a pink or blue brushstroke. Another good idea is to frame a window in a darker color, playing with contrast and enhancing the brightness.

3. Reinvent the nightstand

Sometimes, you must prioritize the feeling of lightness over the storage capacity, replacing the classic bedside table with a chest of drawers, a trolley on wheels, a ladder with a steps-shelf ... So that, even if you 'recharge' more space, you will also have managed to maximize every inch.

To round off the effect, it better matches the bed structure, so everything will be in the family, well-coordinated.

5 ideas to make your small bedroom look like a suite

4. Better minimalism than maximalism

With that, we do not mean that it has to be a monastic room, but that it must have only the basic pieces, not abuse the ornaments or family photos or fill the bed with cushions, which prevent you from seeing the light and depth of the stay.

5. Made to measure

That is, although the norm establishes a bed and nightstands on both sides, maybe you don't need two nightstands or you want the bed to be the main piece of the environment, taking into account that you 'only' use it to sleep.

For this reason, you probably prefer to have a desk area, very practical for working at home, you are dying to put (finally) a closet in which you can fit all your clothes, including coats, or a lamp hanging on the wall is enough. from the headboard to read at night.

Everything is a matter of needs and making your dreams come true, regardless of the meters.

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