WP Creations Online - Surviving Covid 19

WP Creations Online - Surviving Covid 19

Life handed us lemons and WP Creations is using the seeds to plant new trees. The same treasured keepsakes, with a twist!

Oh my word, you guys. Oh my word. Are you feeling like you're in some kind of science fiction novel? I know I do. These past couple of weeks have been a period of adjustment, to put it mildly. One day life was status quo and the next we were told, life as you know it has changed and we have no idea if or when it will go back to normal.

Needless to say, we've all had the rug pulled from under us and slowly but surely, we are trying to get back up and brush ourselves off.

Every single one of us is experiencing this differently, with our own perspectives in the context of our own lives and experiences. Some of us are finding the silver linings while others are struggling to stay afloat. Some of us are feeling stuck at home while others are feeling safe at home. Some are enjoying the slowdown and some are worried that the slowdown is going to affect the ability to make a living. Some people are grieving what was and some are looking ahead to what might be once this is over. We are here for all of it.

WP Creations Online - Surviving Covid 19

Love, Kindness, Support and Compassion

As a team we are moms first. When crises in life happen, our instincts are to first protect our kids. Sometimes this means we are on autopilot, making sure our kids are ok mentally and emotionally, making sure they have what they need, getting a routine started or giving them a little extra TLC and then there comes a time when you realize they are learning to cope and you finally have a chance to pause. Now it's your turn to feel all the things and then your processing begins. It comes in waves, it is not linear, it's all over the place and all we can ever do is do the best we can with what we've got.

As business owners we use the skills and experience we've been given to know how to pick ourselves up and dust ourselves off and keep on keeping on.

WP Creations as a team has had to make some major adjustments. We are no longer seeing people for in-person, in-studio appointments. We are no longer having the face to face contact with clients we enjoy getting together with. We are, for the time being, no longer doing our beloved LifeCasting, which was at one time the pinnacle of our business. So needless to say, we've gone through a professional grieving process if you will. We too have had a loss of what once was. BUT we have NOT let that stop us!

WP Creations Online - Surviving Covid 19

Online shopping takes on a whole new meaning!

People talk about the entrepreneurial spirit and it is something that is becoming so apparent during this time. We have had the honour and the pleasure of being able to move our business to the online space in a way that we have never done before! But we couldn’t just stop there. We have been receiving several very unique requests from our clients to have access to our lifecastng and raised impression products. They have joined our team to help find solutions and I think we’ve just figured it out! We are the artists after all but now the parents have the option to partake in the early stages of the process within the safe comfort of their own home and this is all possible through many of our online stores.

Each location has their VERY OWN online store! Our team is incredibly excited that through all of this craziness we are still able to create beautiful keepsakes for you and your loved ones while maintaining physical and social distancing. Now more than ever do we realize that nothing, no moments, no days and no minutes should be taken for granted. Keepsakes are needed as a way to capture each moment, both good and bad and to be able to have them to look back on years from now when all of this is a distant memory. Having online stores is something that allows us to see the glass half full, it is our silver lining for sure.

WP Creations Online - Surviving Covid 19

Our beautiful keepsakes are still available to you

If you would like to support our incredible team of women entrepreneurs by shopping online and supporting a local business, please click here.

From all of us at WP Creations, we wish you good health and wellness.

Until we meet again, friends.