Canadian Franchise Association Award winners for the second year in a row! Here's why it means that much more today!

Winning an award is sweet. Winning an award for a company you've helped shape and mold (no pun intended) into what it is today is even sweeter. But do you know what is sweeter than all of that? Winning an award that recognizes the efforts of the entire team and getting to share the honour with women I admire, work alongside and have enjoyed watching grow and learn and create.


Franchisees' Choice Designation Award

The Canadian Franchise Association has awarded WP Creations these awards for the second year in a row! And despite the fact that it is based on the amazing work we did throughout most of 2019, I can't help but think about what we've been going through these past few months and feel an extra sense of responsibility to my team to accept it and feel deserving of it without question.


Bronze Awards of Excellence

When the world was turned upside down only a few short months ago we were left scrambling as many businesses were and still are. We are a company based on connections. Our roots are heart-based and sentimentality. How can a business that thrives on life casting babies hands and feet, creating 3D replicas of moments in time, fingerprint jewelry and raised impressions, survive? How could we do what we do best without having our clients visit us in studio for their appointments?

WP Creations has been in business since 2001, and despite changes and growth and improvements, overall the business has remained the same. How, after almost 20 years in business were we going to figure out how to move forward without the very core of what it is we do?


Well, what we have learned as a team, is that it turns out that the core of the business never went anywhere. That it is and always has been our team. That never changed. And will never change. It is our team that was able to pull up our bootstraps and think outside the box. When I created changes to accommodate our ever changing world, the team was right there supporting the ideas and making them come to fruition. We were able to continue to provide our clients with beautiful keepsakes by way of transitioning to fully functioning online stores and providing clients with different options even as creative as offering virtual appointments where clients would have a hand in creating their very own keepsakes with the step by step support of our artists. We went from seeing clients in person to connecting with them in different ways. Our online store sales surged and our brand awareness continues to grow.

I can't help but be proud. This has been a challenging time without a doubt and our team has been the strength of it all throughout. We have perservered, overcome and met challenges head on. We will be ok.

And for this, I am so excited to be able to share this award with my team and all of you who have supported us in anyway you could. For the second year in a row, we accept!

With many thanks,

Jamie, President & CEO and our entire team at WP Creations