The Only Perfect Time, Is Now.

The Only Perfect Time, Is Now.

Why Our Customers Are the Very Few Who Truly Understand This

A New Moms Story

Typically, Mondays are our busiest days for phone call inquiries. One of those calls happened to be a new mom, whose valid questions and concerns are ones that many families think about when considering having a keepsake made.

While setting up an appointment with this mom for later the same week; 3D casting and Raised Impression options were given, and she had to decide whether she wanted to cast her 3 week old baby's hand or foot or whether she wanted to have a 2D Raised Impression made of her hand or foot (or both!) in a heart or circle instead.

She was noticeably hesitant and went on to voice concern over her baby's fist always being closed.

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Raised Impression

For this reason, we wanted to share this particular story.

The beauty of lifecasting is in its uncanny ability to stop time. A 3D replica of this mom's new baby's hand regardless of it being open or closed would be a moment she'd never get back. And how truly unique it would be to capture the tiny hand, at that precise moment, knowing it would never be that small again.

Our lifecast artists have years of experience working with wee ones. If you’re ordering any 3D casts, the position of the hands and feet along with their fingers and toes are in the exact position the baby leaves them in. The moulding process is very easy and sets fast helping us capture the precious casts of all babies, even the wiggly ones. That being said, the position of their fingers and toes is determined exactly when the mould sets. Because the lifecasting artists hands are not in the mould with the child, we cannot control the position of the hands. The child then becomes the artist and reveals to us how they want their hands to be displayed. The same is said for the feet, one foot may have open toes, and the other may have curled toes!

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Life Casting

What is the answer?

When answering the question whether or not their child's hand will be open or closed, the simple answer is, we don't know.

I went on to let this mom know if she was looking for more of a guarantee for an open hand, she might consider the Raised Impression option. I assured her that since being in business since 2001 and with over 40 franchise locations across Canada, it was important for us to learn how to work on opening a baby's hand for some of our products, Raised Impressions being one of them. It is truly rare that our artists cannot open a child's hand for a Raised Impression.

In the end, the mom booked her appointment. As her baby grows, she's figuring out just how fast time really does go by. She's adapting to her ever-changing world. And whether she chooses a 3D lifecast or a Raised Impression, only one thing is for certain, she will always have that moment in time to look back on, no matter what.


The appointment itself is usually no more than an hour (give or take depending on the product), however, it is the work that goes into it afterward that takes the most time. We all take on other roles outside of the business as well, therefore sufficient time must be given to complete our keepsakes.

Jamie Berube, President of WP Creations