Save this January with our awesome promotion!

Save this January with our awesome promotion!

Our first sale of 2020 is here for you and we think you will love it!

As adults, we become aware that material things become less and less important, but as parents this becomes even more obvious as we learn that when all is said and done, material things mean nothing. As long as our families and our loved ones are healthy and happy, that really is all that matters.

Even still, there are definitely a few material items in our lives that hold sentimental value. It isn't necessarily the object itself that is important but the meaning behind it that is significant. These are the material items that are devastating to lose. As losing a special toy or object is to a child, losing a sentimental object as an adult can be just as heartbreaking.

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Raised Impressions are 2D Replicas of your baby or child's hand or foot

We would like to remind you that our Raised Impressions are not invincible. They are breakable and a tremendous loss if unable to repair. The Impressions capture details of your baby's or child's hand or foot, the lines, the wrinkles and the shape of that particular moment in their lives. A moment that is gone in an instant. We encourage everyone to have your impressions framed as a way to preserve your keepsakes, to be able to proudly display them and also to be able to add to the personalization of your keepsake by choosing which frame colour and layout from our list of options you would like.

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Framed Impressions not only protect but create a beautiful display

If you or your family are considering having a framed raised impression created or bringing a precious raised impression back to framed, save $15 by booking an appointment in January 2020!

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From January 1 – 15, 2020 get $15 off any framed Raised Impression Product (excluding the Classic Mini). In order to qualify for this exclusive offer, you must contact your local artist between January 1 - 15th, 2020 to book your appointment as well as mention this post.

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