We are so excited to present to you our BRAND NEW product! WP Wooden Name Designs has been created with our clients in mind.

As with anything, it's important to make room for growth, for evolution and for fresh ideas.

When you've had a company for as long as we've had you're usually built on a foundation of products that clients love and have stood the test of time. You may tweak sizes or colours, or fonts but overall the products remain the same.

Our 3D lifecast shadowboxes are pretty much at the forefront of anyone's mind when they think of WP Creations. And how awesome is that?! That overall of these years, through changes in management, changes in our team, changes in the company's structure, and so many others shifts, that the one thing that remains the same is how much we love our products and are proud that our clients love them just as much.

There will always a place for the classics.

But there is also a place for innovation. Without it, businesses wouldn't survive. And what is awesome about working with a team of strong innovative women within this Canadian Franchise, is there are fresh ideas coming from all corners of the country!


This 2020 year of upheaval and uncharted waters, we have managed to not only survive, but thrive. And to celebrate all that we have accomplished as a team, and to look forward to the future, we have launched something so spectacular, we can hardly contain ourselves!

Our newest product WP Wooden Name Designs brings a fresh, rustic, contemporary look to our WP Creations product line. We are so excited to add this to our keepsakes we offer and coudn't be more proud.


You can have 3D lifecasts or a Raised Impression mounted on a beautiful wooden round, featuring your child's name as an added 3D feature. This is a fresh twist on a classic in that you can have your casts on display in any room and with any decor.


Much like our shadowboxes, these wooden name designs are evergreen. These beautiful product keepsakes will never grow old. As WP Creations has always done, it will freeze a moment in time, capture the details, and hold a place for your memories for years to come.

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http://bit.ly/ShopAptWPCreations to find your local artist.