My Kids' Matters - 3 tips for staying safe outdoors

My Kids' Matters - 3 tips for staying safe outdoors

Some of the rules and safety tips my kids have remembered while playing outside. Read on to hear what they have to say!

My Family Matters' – Top 3 Tips for Playing it Safe Outside (according to my kids!)

As my kids get older and more independent the need for them to have the skills and tools to stay safe while on their own becomes more important as they grow. I like to foster a sense of independence, however, naturally I am always aware and always in reach. Despite this, anything can happen at any moment so it is imperitive that we have conversations with our kids about what to do in any given circumstance. Safety tips will vary from season to season and in different environments, but here are some of the things my kids had to say about staying safe while playing outside of our house!

PARENT DISCLAIMER – As a parent, I am aware that not all of these are accurate ;)

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Chase (age 11)

What does Safety mean to you? - “Keeping yourself protected and you use a lot of cautiousness”

1. “Making sure that people aren’t backing up when walking or biking etc or because you might get hit

2. “Looking for car when crossing the street because you get hit”

3. ”If playing any sports make sure no one is in the way when you’re throwing or kicking a ball”

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Chloe (age 8)

What does safety mean to you? - “Safety means don’t do dangerous things”

1. “Watch for cars on the road because you could get seriously hurt”

2. “Sometimes people say, like, I dare you to climb a tree but you could get hurt or break a bone”

3. “You should always, if like, someone else is doing something dangerous you should tell them not to and if they don’t stop and it’s dangerous you should go and get a parent”

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Caleb (age 6)

What does safety mean to you? - “It means, likes, stay safe and don’t let people double dare you or dare you”

1. “If someone says climb a tree call 911”

2. “Looking for cars if they are pulling out of their driveways”

3. “If a car is coming don’t bounce the ball”

By asking this question it gave me an idea of how much they understand and what needs to be talked about some more, for example not calling 911 if someone asks you to climb a tree!