My Kids' Matters - 3 Favourite Ice Day Activities

My Kids' Matters - 3 Favourite Ice Day Activities

Whether it's science, computers or playdough with a unicorn, we always find the best indoor activities on ice days!

We were told that Groundhog Willie predicted an early spring this year, but by the looks of outside, Mr Willie may have been mistaken! If it's not a snow day, it's a deep freeze day. If it's not a deep freeze day, it's a day like today. An ice day! On days like this, naturally things shut down due to safety concerns, so we find ourselves figuring out what indoor activities we should do! Apparently, up in Northern Ontario, the roads are so frozen over that people are actually putting on their skates and skating up and down their streets! I don't think we'll be doing that, but we can have just as much fun inside! Here are some of what my kids love to do on an ice day!

My 3 favourite things to do on an ‘Ice Day’

Caleb – 6 years old

1. "Playing with my science kit cause my science is cool"

2. "Video games because it gives me cool imagination to do"

3. "Playdough is like something I really love cause I like to play with it a lot but I don’t play with it a lot"

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Future Scientist Perhaps?

Chloe – 9 years old (Happy Birthday Chloe!)

1. "I like to play video games because it’s fun and gives me ideas for crafts"

2. "Playdough cause I can make food out of it – no I don’t eat the food"

3. "Making forts because you can hide in them"

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Haven't You Ever Seen a Unicorn Playing Playdough Before?

Chase – 11 years old

1. "Playing video games um because it’s fun and gives me something else to do other than school"

2. "Sleep because it’s awesome and relaxing"

3. "And um my last one is hanging out with family because at school you don’t get that much of a chance to hang out with your parents and what not so it’s awesome"

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Computer Programming in his future!

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