My Child is Everything to Me, "So, I'll take One of Everything Please"

My Child is Everything to Me, "So, I'll take One of Everything Please"

The families who have gone through the struggle and have a child in their lives are the moms that come to our artists and ask for "one of everything".

To those who desire to have children, we know what an incredible gift it is to have them. Sometimes, when having a child comes easy, we take for granted that for others the road has been a difficult one to travel. Whether your child is brought into your lives through biology and love, medicine and love, or love and more love, we know everyone's experiences are different.

Over the years, as Life Cast artists, we have heard several stories of families who were struggling with infertility and difficulties conceiving.

As we have come to learn there really are so many reasons for infertility. PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), endometriosis, miscarriages, and other health-related issues are just the tip of the ice burg. It can be an isolating feeling to deal with, and something that should be talked about. It can be a physical, emotional and mental struggle for a woman.

However, we are so thankful for the stories of families who have been able to have their desired outcomes, whether by adoption, IVF, surrogacy, or any other avenue. These are the stories that give us hope and continue to support the women who are still on their journey.

The families who have gone through a struggle and have a child in their lives are the ones that come to our artists and ask for "one of everything". These are the times when we prepare to be a part of the family's journey in perhaps a different way than other clients.

Sometimes these families, knowing what a gift they've been given, want to capture a moment in every way possible. To this, we encourage them not to capture too much too soon, but to capture every different milestone with a keepsake. For example, when they are just born and their tiny fingers and toes are still so wrinkly. Then again when they are 3 months old and they start to get that adorable baby fat in their hands and feet. Then again at 6 months, they are gaining independence of their learning and interests, and those busy little hands and feet are a memory of how active they are becoming. Then we get to the 9-month stage when they are sitting up and crawling and last at a year, when they are so busy walking and running, we can barely catch up!

Progression Shadowbox

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Progressive Shadowbox

Many times, these families will have a progression shadowbox made, with casts in each window, displaying the difference in size. This shadowbox is one keepsake that really shows the progression in a child's life and how much things change from one moment to the next. Some might have castings done at one time, and a fingerprint pendant at another. With our keepsake options, the possibilities are endless.

As moms, we know the journey isn't an easy one. We know some are having a more difficult time than others. For that, we send you our warmest thoughts, our most positive energies and we support you and the incredible strength it takes to walk the path to motherhood.

Jamie Berube

President of WP Creations

WP Creations, work-at-home business, My Family Matters

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