Mother's Day - A Tribute To ALL Of Us.

Mother's Day - A Tribute To ALL Of Us.

It is ok to not be ok. It is also ok to be happy. Today is a day for all of it. Happy Mother's Day from our family to yours.

There are so many things to celebrate in this life, big and small. And while it is so important to celebrate all the awesome wonder this world has to offer, it is also just as important to remember that not everyone celebrates the same things, at the same times, in the same way. And what a celebration looks like for one, may look completely different for another. By the same token, the things we celebrate and take for granted, we need to recognize that those same celebrations may be excruciating for others who are not experiencing the same joy.

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Today, on Mother's Day, we celebrate all moms, grandmothers, mother figures, the women who play the role of mom, dads who play the role of mom and soon to be moms.

Today, on Mother's Day we remember the mothers who are no longer with us. We stand with moms who are doing their best to make it through today. We send love to moms who never had the chance to raise their children or who are struggling on their journeys to get there.

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We don't always have the right things to say. We don't always know the right things to do. But please hear our hearts. We see you.

Being a mother is hard, no matter which way you look at it. It is hard, it is exhausting and it is life changing. But more than that, it is an honour and a gift.

Today, we celebrate all of you! Kudos to all the warrior moms, the rockstars and all who are doing the very best they can! From all of us at WP Creations, we send our love to those who need a little extra today.

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