Love In Community

Love In Community

Laura, owner of the WP Creations in Windsor Nova Scotia shares her passions for giving back to her community in a multitude of ways!

There is a meme going around Facebook these days and it says, “People expect women to work like they don't have kids and raise kids as if they don't work” or something to that effect. There is a struggle to find a balance for many mothers trying to find what works for them and their families. It is very easy to get pulled one way or the other and lose yourself in the process.

This is one of the many reasons there is something really special about working from home. It is a blessing many people have and many more wish they could have. Working from home as a WP Creations franchisee, gives me the opportunity to organize my schedule in a way that suits our family, around my husband's hectic work schedule and my children’s school and extracurricular activities, all while leaving time for me to spread my wings into the community.

I am currently on the board of three wonderful not-for-profits in our community: The Family Resource Centre of West Hants, The Windsor Nursery School, and Movies in the Park Association.

The Family Resource Centre of West Hants has been my sanity for the last six years. It is one of the first places I went with my newborn when we moved here 6 years ago and where I met most of my current group of friends. I have seen it through many changes and last year joined the board to help see it through many more.

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First Halloween Party At The Resource Centre

The Windsor Nursery School holds classes for 3 and 4-year-olds preparing for school. I became involved this year when my youngest son Nate started attending. It is a co-operative that is funded and run by the parents of the children who attend, so if you see us fundraising that is why.

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First Day At The Nursery School

And last (for the time being anyway!) Movies in the Park came about from a simple question I posted online to a group called The Happy Community Project. They have been doing great things here in our community and the movies would not have started without their support. We are now our own not for profit with strong ties to the town and community. We have completed two seasons and are currently planning our third. We have people who would otherwise be unable to attend movies who get the amazing experience of viewing them outdoors. Everyone sits side by side and has a wonderful opportunity to get to know their neighbours. It is definitely a lot of work to organize and put together, but it is so rewarding.

Love In Community

Along with owning the WP Creations franchise in Windsor Nova Scotia, I recently accepted a new part time position as Family Literary Facilitator with The Hants Learning Network Association. HLNA is a local non-profit that offers a variety of learning programs in the areas of adult literacy, family literacy, computer literacy, and G.E.D. preparation (this is their 25th year helping out our community!). I joined their board last year because I believe it is a very valuable resource. As an adult learner who achieved my high school diploma through the GED certificate program, after an illness interrupted my studies the traditional way, I understand the need for learning supports first hand. I have been attending the Family Literacy Fun! program with my own children for years and now once a week I will be the one to run workshops that focus on fun ways to encourage children with learning at home (especially reading, writing, and math) and helping to make parents more comfortable in supporting them. I love seeing children enjoy learning and can’t wait to be the one leading that.


Family Literacy Fun!

I love the opportunity to give back to my community. I love that I have the time to do all these things and be home for all the important moments with my children. I love being able to contribute to the family income and still run my home in a way that makes sense for us. I am able to do more than just one thing, use my brain in different ways, meet all kinds of wonderful people and really make a difference in the lives of my children, the families in the community and of course, myself.

All of these things have happened since becoming a WP Creations franchisee and are only possible in a business like ours. I am grateful to have found my balance.