Finding The Light After Dark

Finding The Light After Dark

Finding the Good in a Difficult Situation is Not Always Easy, but It's Always Worth It. (This content might be triggering for some to read).

Owning and operating a work-at-home franchise, being a mom, a wife and whatever other roles we take on, can all seem overwhelming at times. The logistics of working from home, planning and re-planning schedules. Being home and present with the kids, school, sick days, booking appointments, completing keepsakes, all of it, can be a logistical nightmare if one is not organized.

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WP Creations

We have had the pleasure of meeting so many wonderful families over the years, but at times, we are both met with disappointment when we are unable to satisfy a customer's request to match their previous keepsake due to product changes. When we are unable to bring their vision to life, it is a let down for everyone.

It is the nature of the business

Over time suppliers and materials change, government laws change, and even our franchise artists may change from one location to the next, so when things come up that we can't control, it can cause a stressful situation.

We do recognize that we have the unique opportunity to own a business, work from home, be home with the kids, and be there for the family. Quite frankly, we have the luxury of not needing childcare if our kids are home sick, but we wouldn't be honest if we didn't say it can also be very stressful, busy and overwhelming.

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Working/Life Balance

Like with any job, we've all had our ups and downs, and perhaps the down days are the days when we question whether it's worth it.

And then something like this happens...

One of our promotions, we consistently run; is offering vouchers for a free Raised Impression of a hand or a foot which our clients typically pick up from one of our local business partners.

Back in 2011, a woman booked her appointment for her 4-month-old daughter to use her free Raised Impression voucher. She came to the appointment, having chosen to get her daughter's foot done for free, but with no intention of making any additional purchases.

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Precious Memories

With it being a handmade piece, it has its natural flaws and imperfections that vary from one impression to the next, however, it was beautiful. Once ready, about a month later, she picked it up.

Three years later, that mom reached out to the same artist she received the impression from, to share her message.

Please never stop doing what you’re doing. At the time I received my free Raised Impression, I hadn’t realized the value of what having this keepsake would mean to me and I wish I had gotten more.

Just after my daughter’s 1-year birthday, I went up to her crib because I was worried, she hadn't woken up yet. When I went into her room, she wasn’t breathing. I screamed calling for my husband who called 911. Ultimately it was too late. Our daughter had passed away. I’m not sharing this story to make you sad, rather make you happy in knowing that you were able to help us capture such a precious time with our daughter.

When I came in for the impression, it never occurred to me that it would become such a valued treasure for me to now have. Thank you for partnering with local businesses and thank you for helping me keep a piece of my little girl.”

Devastating to hear, but what a wake-up call.

We have our days when we feel we're in over our heads, but on days like that one, we're reminded that we can provide a unique and honourable gift to other people. This is when our perspectives change. We like to think our customers are receiving something from us, but little do they know, they are giving us just as much in return.


The struggle and the juggle of mom life is real. This business affords me luxuries I wouldn't otherwise have. I'm grateful for my family, my work-at-home business, and my passion to market with other businesses. I just love to spread the word about what WP Creations does, and who WP Creations is.

I'm so proud to be a part of it and on those rare days when it all seems too much, I look at the bigger picture, and am reminded how truly amazing this business is.

Jamie Berube, President of WP Creations

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