Kids Are Not The Only One Who Spread Their Wings

Kids Are Not The Only One Who Spread Their Wings

Nalini, owner of Labrador WP Creations shares the story of her journey from Guyana to Canada and how she pursued her dreams of owning a business!

I moved to Newoundland and Labrador from Guyana for much the same reason as many other newcomers to Canada, in search of a better life for myself and my family. Although the beautiful Caribbean is rich in culture, people, traditions and love, there are some things I needed that I knew I couldn't have if I stayed. So, thanks to Mr. & Mrs. Ramkaran, who gave me the opportunity to come to Canada. Without them, I would be where I am today, telling you my journey from living in Guyana to being an entrepreneur in Canada.

Kids Are Not The Only One Who Spread Their Wings

Years ago when my now five year old son was just eight months old, I was visiting a friend's house while staying in Etobicoke. In her home, I saw a beautiful frame of her child's hands. At the time I had no idea I would get to know that keepsake as the single window shadowbox, all I knew was I wanted one for my son!

After that day, making an appointment with WP Creations (then known as Wee Piggies and Paws) was on my to – do list.

Kids Are Not The Only One Who Spread Their Wings

I went with an idea of what I wanted in my head, but when I stepped into the studio and saw all of the possibilities up close, I immediately changed my mind. I wanted the triple window shadowbox!

Not only was I impressed and inspired by all of the beautiful keepsakes, I was also intrigued by the business itself. I was originally working as a cashier but once my husband and I had kids we decided that I would stay home with them. Knowing that this work at home opportunity was available, was the first seed that was planted along the way.

Timing is everything, however and it wasn't financially feasible for us. Unfortunately, the stars weren't aligned and although the idea of it never left my mind, it just didn't happen back then.

Fast forward 5 years. I now have a 5 year old son and a 19 month old daughter. We are now established in our own home, we are financially stable and loving life in NL. Although the winters are long and harsh, the people are kind, the province is beautiful and it is a wonderful place to raise children.

Kids Are Not The Only One Who Spread Their Wings

There was one downfall, however, and that was that there was no WP Creations location anywhere near us! And what made things even more difficult were the travel restrictions due to Covid.

So the dream I had of creating an identical shadowbox for my daughter didn't seem to be coming to fruition.

But maybe some things happen for a reason?

After speaking with my extremely supportive husband, we decided now is the perfect time to invest in owning a territory. It was a decision that didn't come quickly, or happen overnight, but it was a decision that came at just the right time for us.

I am now the proud owner of Labrador WP Creations! Like so many women on our team, I now have the perfect balance of being able to stay at home with my kids but I am also doing something for myself and my community.

Kids Are Not The Only One Who Spread Their Wings

I love that I get to work with babies and children and can create something for people that they can keep forever. It makes me feel like I am giving them something special that they can hold close to their hearts. I know how much each piece that I hold close to my heart means to me, so being able to give that to someone else means so much.

Building relationships with my community is something that I look forward to doing more of. I can't wait to build brand awareness and allow people to explore the idea of creating keepsakes and capturing memories that do not only come in the form of a photograph.

Making the transition from stay at home mom to now work at home mom has been a bit of an adjustment. Creating strict schedules and setting boundaries has been very helpful. As moms, sometimes we feel like we are juggling everything, kids are unpredictable and it seems impossible to get everything done. We all have those days! But then there are the days where we are rocking this work at home mompreneur thing and it makes it all worth it! It's not always easy but it is ALWAYS worth it.

Kids Are Not The Only One Who Spread Their Wings

They say it takes a village to raise kids...but it also takes a village to support a mom. And without the support of my husband, my family and the entire WP Creations team, I wouldn't have been able to get to where I have.

I am in awe of the support I have received so far, from Head Office and the team. There are so many resources and ways of support that I have never ever felt like I couldn't get an answer to something. I look forward to the day when I can pay it forward and be a support to other newer franchisees.

Since I now own a franchise, I am currently working on creating my daughter's triple window shadowbox myself! It may have taken a little while longer than I would have hoped, but being in a position where I can have a hand in creating it myself, means the world. I really do believe that timing is everything.

Kids Are Not The Only One Who Spread Their Wings