Jamie Berube, President of WP Creations. How did it all begin? Baby Steps!

Jamie Berube, President of WP Creations. How did it all begin? Baby Steps!

An interesting journey to how Jamie Berube started with Wee Piggies & Paws (now known as WP Creations)!

Jamie and her husband Shawn's first son, Chase, was born in 2007, a time when newspaper announcements were still something people used regularly. Prior to Chase's arrival, Jamie and Shawn had determined what they thought they would include in their announcement to friends and family, as well as what would be included in their newspaper ad. This ad would also have his picture, and a welcome message by immediate family members, grandparents, aunts, and uncles. A pretty standard birth announcement.

Unfortunately, an oversight occurred (perhaps a blessing in disguise?) and the great-grandparents, who would have liked to be included, were not. So, they went about taking out their own birth announcement in their local paper and included everyone they thought should be included. It was a beautiful announcement, but what was extra neat about this situation is that it came with a voucher for a free Raised Impression ornament!

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Jamie, like many new moms, was reluctant to have this done due to not wanting to take the baby out so young. She did not realize at the time the value this keepsake would hold down the road.

Her mother-in-law reminded her of the voucher and asked if she had redeemed it yet. Not wanting to disappoint her MIL, she called and booked the appointment.

During the appointment, Jamie remembers asking the franchise owner, what made her decide to work from home? Why did she choose Wee Piggies (WP Creations)? What did she like best about it? By hearing the answers to these questions a seed was planted.

A year later, in 2008, Jamie was back at work in banking with Wells Fargo Financial. The American economy wasn't doing well, upper management was letting people go, so she decided it was time to have a plan B. Remembering her planted seed, she decided to go online and search Wee Piggies & Paws, the home-based business opportunity she had heard of a year prior. She noticed that the Hamilton franchise territory was for sale!

Just a month later, after looking further into it, and getting her ducks in a row, she purchased the franchise from the seller and attended the training session.

How interesting is it, that a birth announcement gone wrong, turned into an opportunity for Jamie! Perhaps it was a blessing in disguise, the silver lining to a situation, but isn't life funny that way? She took a leap of faith, put in a lot of good, old fashioned hard work, and has helped turn this company into what it is today.

Jamie was a local franchise owner by 2008. She then assisted the founder of the company from 2010-2013, when she officially became a partner. Then in 2016 when the founder retired, Jamie took over.

She now owns and runs the entire company, WP Creations, which is now a fresh take on a true Canadian gem.

"I'm grateful for the free Raised Impression ornament offer. It paved the way for me to learn about the fantastic work-at-home opportunity. Now, after being home raising my little ones while I work, I realize the value of that time with them, not to mention the keepsakes and memories I have been able to create."

Jamie Berube

President of WP Creations

WP Creations, work-at-home business,

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