How Important is Playing with my Child?

How Important is Playing with my Child?

Being mindful and present while playing with your children is a win for everyone. Whether you're sitting and doing a craft or playing tag outside!

Have you ever watched your child sit down on the floor to put on pants?

They may take a moment to choose which pair they want to wear, pull it out of the drawer along with 3 other items that get stuffed back in, in an abundance of disorganization. They do a little dance in the mirror, have a seat, probably sing a song or two, then put one foot in, then maybe sing another song. Or perhaps question you on the meaning of life. Then, in goes the other foot. To be a young child, in all of their innocence, means so much living in the present moment. Kids, at that young age, have nothing else to think about, except to put on their pants.

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As we get older, and create more context out of life, our minds become more full. As adults with kids, as moms, it becomes increasingly difficult to quiet the mind. We're always thinking about someone else. We're constantly planning, giving forethought into every detail, we are organizing, worrying, working, hoping, thinking...our minds are always on the go.

Can you imagine, what it would be like for one moment, to have nothing else at all to think about, except putting on a pair of pants? And maybe doing a little dance in the mirror?

Living in the present moment and being mindful is something children are so brilliant at and we, as adults, find it so difficult that it's become something we have to put a conscious effort into doing. Playtime with our kids, whether it's swinging on a swing in the park, running around the yard, taking them skating or even playing a game of hide and seek, is giving our children the gift of our present self. It's an opportunity to clear our minds of adult thoughts, adult concerns and adult worries, and just be.

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Playing is fun!

It's an awesome reminder to just have fun! Kids need to see us having fun. Play, create, immerse our selves in our child's world. It's important for our kids to see that we don't ever have to stop playing. That being present for them, whatever that looks like to each family, is more than our physical presence. Our mental presence, our emotional well being and our love of life is contagious and so beneficial to our child's overall well being and development. This is not only a gift for our children, but a gift we can give our selves.

There are no guarantees in life! Time does not stand still for anyone, so enjoy yourself, enjoy the sunshine on the swing and remember, pants on one foot at a time, and always take the time to dance in the mirror.

Here a few links to awesome ways to get an early start on staying active, being present and playing with your kids!

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EarlyON centres offer free drop-in programs for caregivers and children from birth to 6 years old.

Outdoor Playtime is important all year round. Kids see what's in front of them! Go Play!

No matter the Season, get outside and play!