Community Friends and Partners

Community Friends and Partners

Awesome resources for moms in the early and exhausting stages of parenting!

These days we have so much access to online support for any and everything! Dr. Google, blogs, Ted Talks, you name it! All of these are fantastic resources when needing information in an instant. But what do you do when you're in need of a different kind of support?

As moms to young babies, whether it is the first child or the fourth, it is very easy to become consumed with all things baby. Your life changes in an instant, your heart walks outside of your body, your physical, emotional and mental state may not be what they used to be. And for some of us moms, this change is more difficult to process than others. Sometimes we lose a sense of self, our identities, our individualities, even if only for a brief moment in time.

All of these inevitable changes are made even more difficult when we feel a sense of loneliness. Whether it be because our partners work outside of the home, for extended hours, or we are located in a place without family and friends close by, or perhaps postpartum depression has begun and there is a whole other level of obstacles you're facing. Whatever the reason is, in person, support and encouragement are so important!

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Supporting mom with a new baby comes in many forms

They say it takes a village to raise children, but I say it takes a village to support the parents as well.

Things like, joining local FB groups to find a group of moms in your area that goes for walks or jogs with strollers together, can be a helpful tool. Trips to your public library, story time and music groups for parent and baby are also great ways to get out there and have some fun with your baby. There is also the trend of meal sharing/swapping. This is when a group of trusted moms meal plan, batch cook and then swap meals. It gives moms a break from cooking (assuming mom is the cook in the house) every day and what a great way to get to know an entire group of like-minded moms!

WP Creations has the privilege of getting to know our communities and build relationships with community partners and friends. We become more and more familiar of what fun, supportive and informative resources are out there for moms to connect with. What wonderful opportunities there are for moms to get out and socialize, to meet other moms, to get out of the house, feel supported and feel a little more human again!

Being a mom comes with obvious rewards, but sometimes it also comes with not so obvious struggles. No one knows that better than a fellow mom!

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Oh so many rewards!

We understand sometimes the thought of just getting dressed, and getting everything organized and prepared to take baby out, in true mom life fashion (you know, pack up the entire wardrobe just in case!) seems like it's more trouble than it's worth, but I promise you, it really is worth it!

I have put together a list of community resources (our partners and friends), that provide all different kinds of access to various services for all you mamas out there that might need a little extra love and care.

Click the links to find your local group!

Bump and Baby Matters - CPR classes for new moms, pregnant moms and all!

Baby Box Canada - The incredible initiative to provide new moms with the essentials for free!

Movies for Mommies - Grown up entertainment in a baby friendly environment!

Salsa Babies - Dance and move with your baby!

Life With A Baby - North America's largest peer-support network. Judgement free support, events and resources!

Precious Moments Babeez- Empowering families, providing comprehensive care and education

Thyme Maternity - Maternity clothes and undergarments for before and after baby! Feeling comfortable is a big deal.

And last but certainly not least, for moms who are balancing being mom and working at home during those early years and beyond, Mompreneur is a fantastic resource for women in business, moms in business and those who are looking to learn, connect and grow their business!

We all need a reset sometimes, a breath of fresh air, someone to talk to and connect with, and what better way to re-energize than to get out there and do something fun! Bond with your baby and maybe make a new friend!