Celebrating International Women's Day

 Celebrating International Women's Day

Today we recognize the past, the present and the future! And as they say, the future is now!

I was asked to speak at the Mompreneurs Conference a week ago today. What perfect timing, it being week before International Women's Day. To be surrounded by some of Canada's leading mom bosses, a group of women coming together to not only celebrate their successes but to also support each other's growth and provide inspiration, was something I will take with me always. The energy that women have when we get together is powerful, enriching and untouchable.

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Mompreneur Conference 2019

International Women's Day is a celebration of women, who we are as individuals and what we can accomplish as a unit.

It is also a day to recognize that not all women have the same freedoms, not all women have the same experiences, and when we talk about women and needing equality to our male counterparts, we also need to recognize that even amongst the diversity of women, we are not all treated as equally as one another. We need to be able to recognize and stand up for all of our sisters in all of our progress and build each other up.

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Nobody's Free Until Everybody's Free

WP Creations is a team of female entrepreneurs and I couldn't be more proud to be the face of this company. We are aware that women have had to "prove" they can be moms and businesswomen at the same time, which is why there is some controversy around the term mompreneur, and the reason that #dadpreneur doesn't exist in the same way is because men have never had to prove that they can be successful businessmen while being fathers. It isn't given a second thought. And while we have a way to go to be given the same playing field, we will wear our mompreneur badge with honour. We are mompreneurs. We are moms, we are businesswomen but we also come from a variety of experiences and life stories. We have different personalities and different perspectives on life but one thing is for certain we are always supportive of one another.

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Great Minds Accomplish So Much When We Build Each Other Up!

What better day to celebrate our accomplishments as women, as businesswomen, than International Women's Day!

Hats off to all the women who are out there doing their thing, apologizing to no one. Here are 15 Canadians being celebrated this month!

Have a great day!


School Resources https://www.internationalwomensday.com/School-Resources

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