Baby’s First Christmas - What Do You Have To Remember It By?

Baby’s First Christmas - What Do You Have To Remember It By?

Bringing baby home is such a magical time. All the wonder and awe in this perfect little child to care for.

Parents are full of love and start checking out all the little wrinkles and crinkles of their little one's hands and feet. Besides the overwhelm of all things that come with a new baby, parents quite often have thoughts of, "never grow up! please stay this little forever!" However, we all know that babies grow, and it seems to happen at such a rapid rate!

Parents then start thinking of how to capture these moments in baby's first year. Very quickly the holidays approach and all things "baby's first Christmas" start to appear.

WP Creations, Life Casting,

Capturing those first special moments

How to capture those first special moments

WP Creations is a Canadian company that has been creating keepsakes for families since 2001. They are experts in the field and are constantly thinking of ways to bring all those first-year keepsakes to every family in Canada. One of their latest ways is their DIY Impression Kits. These simple kits are designed with WP Creations superb materials that can be brought right into your home to help you create a one of kind hand or foot print impression that you will treasure for years to come.

Parents are raving about the simplicity of the kits and the amazing details the fresh materials can capture.

WP Creations, hand and foot impression kits

DIY Impressions Kits

The best part of the kits

The memory that is made when parents create the keepsakes together with their little one is the best part! WP Creations believes in providing high quality products as well as positive interactions between parent and child. When people come back to locations with subsequent children, they often say their most prized possessions are the keepsakes from WP Creations.

Whether it's a Shadow Box, Raised Impression, Necklace, Crystals, or DIY Impression kits, they treasure the keepsake that captured that special moment in time, of their baby.

With keepsakes starting as low as $10, WP Creations believes they have a product to suit every family and every lifestyle. The DIY Impression kits start at $15 and give families the opportunity to create something special together at a reasonable price.

WP Creations, Baby's First Christmas

Baby's First Christmas

WP Creations hopes to help you preserve and create precious memories with your baby, especially in that first year. Quite often families wish they had known about them sooner! The company's mission of love is that every family knows WP Creations can create something timeless and beautiful, so no family ever has regrets!

Visit the WP Creations Website for ideas or contact us below with your questions or to order..