What do you think of these eyeshadow designs?

What do you think of these eyeshadow designs?

Customized eye shadow boxes are the most versatile and trendy in terms of shapes, sizes, and designs along with sustainability and affordability.

Who said natural is the only pretty?

Applying makeup has a long and twisted history. It exists since ancient Egyptians; many of the Egyptian tombs contained makeup kits and canisters. The beauty goddess Cleopatra used ground carmine beetles for the hue as lipstick, where other women used to mix clay with water to colour their lips. To enhance one's appearance people never hesitated to use the most toxic chemicals as their beauty products such as a mixture of lead, copper, ash, metal, and burnt almonds were used as kohl. So, the concept of makeup is as old as the oldest civilization that existed in the world but thanks to the awareness and advancement in the field of makeup that we have all the products that are now safe from all the chemicals and there are even vegan and organic makeup products for every kind of use.

What do you think of these eyeshadow designs?

Where lipstick was the only most used product on a daily basis, it is now eyeshadows in every popping, neon, and matte shades. People are not shy of using any colour that looks good and they feel comfortable with.

Seeing the need and demand, a lot of companies have emerged on the surface with remarkable products that are matchless in their quality, safety, applicability, and packaging. Eyeshadow boxes that you see in the market are customized in terms of shapes, sizes, and designs that represent the brand in the most effective manner.

What do you think of these eyeshadow designs?

custom Eyeshadow boxes

If you are looking for some amazing eye shadow designs to create amazing looks on a daily basis and also full glam for special occasions, you can always choose from the wide range of marvellous products that will leave you awe-struck.

Ever came across Urban Decay eye shadow palette? They have a particular design that always speaks about them. Their purple low-poly U and D logo is a statement that immediately tells the audience about the brand without a second thought. Their cut-out patterns on the lids add a luxurious touch to the box. The use of bold and vibrant colour splashes on the boxes according to the shade theme gives a mind-blowing product.

From the most screaming to the most neutral eye-shadow design, Kim Kardashian makeup kits are the most popular in their outlook and the shades, colour combinations, and placement of the eyeshades. They have rigid flip-open boxes that come with box inserts to keep the products in place. These boxes are laminated in a glossy finish with foiled logo on the top. Perfection! They are really amazing when it comes to a color range that can give looks from glam to go to natural everyday looks.

Customization has made it easy for companies to create distinction in packaging because it is important to come up with something that is unique.

Thanks to the beauty industry, it has made it easy for us to apply makeup in the most convenient way because every product comes with applicators and unique brushes that perfectly go to the trickiest parts of the eyes. Using these high-end makeup products you can create amazing eye shadow designs for every look.

Here are the three most trendy eye shadow designs for you;


As the name explains a lot about what is the topic here, monochrome is a new trend. The colours, brands are introducing in the market are creating a very sensational trend of using monochrome colour on the full eye-lid. It gives a very chick and cool look to the eyes complementing the outfit. You can go contrasting or matching colours with the product.


From those party nights to the bridal showers, weddings, graduations, and formal events glam is the way to slay.

Glam mostly calls for some glitter and sparkle. These looks are very trendy these days for almost every kind of event. There are a lot of ways to do glam such as;

Highlighting the inner corners and brow-bones with lighter shades or popping highlighter, keeping the remaining eye darker and matter. Topping it up with some mascara and liner.

The smoky eye gives a very powerful yet gorgeous look to the eyes. Keeping the inner corner clean apply darkest favourite shade on the lids, outer corners, and under waterline. Blend, blend, blend and add nude shade on inner corners. Go for nude or pinkish shades with darker eyes to create a balance.


The natural go-to look is what you can wear anytime, anywhere, from grocery shopping to school, office, and doctor or run your errands.

Natural eye look needs a perfectly matching nude shade that complements your skin tone, a highlighter, gloss or lipstick.

Moisturize your skin with a good moisturizer and apply the cream. Fill your lids with the nude shade and add some highlighter in the inner corner. Blend thoroughly to get it to settle in the skin to create a more natural look.

There are a lot of ways to apply eyeshades but you are the judge here. Which is the most outstanding and most loved look?

It is not hard to choose custom eye shadow boxes because they are designed in a way the gives a very clear idea of the product that is packed inside.