How Music Is Helping Beat Down COVID-19 Stress

How Music Is Helping Beat Down COVID-19 Stress

Not only music, but also some of the best music instruments that people are able to play help with stress

The Novel Coronavirus is having quite an impact on all of us. Amid the lockdowns, everyone is suffering from stress on some levels. Some more than others on that end. Finding things and activities that help with this COVID-19 stress might be the only bit of respite for us. Music is one such tool helping greatly in this regard keeping many people entertained and stress-free.

Not only music, but also some of the best music instruments that people are able to play help with stress. In these times of stress, anything that can help spend better time at home is a godsend of course. Videos of people playing instruments in their balconies have flooded the internet recently. Italians might be leading the charge in this regard showing other parts of the world how it’s done.

Entertainment for Housemates and Neighbors

Playing instruments such as the guitar, ukulele, harp among others is such a respite during these times of lockdowns. A good quality guitar for sale is available online as well for people who don’t already have one. Guitarists are able to entertain their housemates and neighbors playing the instrument from their doors, balconies and other parts of the home.

Other stringed instruments like the violin for sale, the sitar and others are helping with this as well. Where expert players can enjoy great music from them, new ones can also learn during the time of lockdowns.

Of course, in any other time, people would be engaged in their everyday activities. This time of crisis where most of us are confined to the boundaries of our homes, provides a great opportunity for music playing. No member of the house has to be left out as well. Everyone can join in and enjoy the music with the loved ones to great effect.

Creating Music on the Fly

Music is somethings that is not bound by any limits at all. Anyone or any group of people can create their own preferred tunes. In UK, time is repeating itself where people are playing the Irish bodhran at home and even in their balconies. Mixed with other instruments like the flute that is played at the neighboring house, great music is coming together.

To think that everyone would be able to create professional musician quality music might be a mistake. This is of course comfort music that is allowed to have a few mistakes. People of all ages are contributing to the cause and coming up with great ideas.

Instruments that have never been joined to create music are now being done just for the sake of it. Who knows, we might get ideas that have been hidden for so long. The whole stress relief is playing a vital role encouraging people to get and play even more instruments from home.

Balcony Music Is Great

Although never done before, balcony music is turning out to be great. We have such clips to be found all over the internet. People of all ages are playing their favorite instruments in any way that they like on their balconies. This is helping ease all the time spent at home as well.

Especially with the aid of online available instrument playing tutorials, people are finding it a fun activity. Instead of going to local clubs and pubs, all these activities are being performed at home. This might not be the replacement we wanted, but is one that is welcome nevertheless.

Ones among us who don’t mind bit of social dance, are also finding it possible to do so from balconies. At the end of the day, anything that can help spend more time at home should be welcomed. Instead of having that urge to head out, people are now concentrating on improving their instrument playing skills.

Social Distancing with Music Playing

Traditionally, instruments like the Irish bodhran, the harp and others have been played amongst others. Even at public places like train stations or educational institutes, people got really close to each other. That occasional bit of dance on a good tune was never a far cry.

However, with the COVID-19 at full blast currently, all countries are experiencing social distancing. UK is among the worst hit countries by the pandemic outbreak. Yet, bodhrans, guitars, violins and other instruments have provided a way to keep social distancing while still enjoy music.

Communities are gathering at their local streets where keeping distance instruments are played. Drums and stringed instruments are naturally made to be loud and entertaining. This is being used by most people very effectively during these days of lockdowns. While social distancing is keeping everyone safe, music playing on instruments is helping pass some quality time too.

The Bottom Line

We all need something to hang on to in order to keep stress away. With all the lockdowns in place, it is easy to be smothered below the burden of stress for most. In these desperate times, music instruments have provided a great sigh of relief for all.

Balcony music is becoming somewhat of a viral content on YouTube and other online channels. Social media is being filled up with content where people are enjoying music listening to their neighbor play instruments on their doorstep or balcony.

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