Motorcycle Riding Gloves Essential For Your Safety

Motorcycle Riding Gloves Essential For Your Safety
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EndoGear Kevlar motorcycle gloves are the best alternative accessible.

Among the basic equipment of a biker are gloves. This accessory is essential to protect your hands from inclement weather, dirt or to protect yourself in case of falls. Find out what types of motorcycle gloves you can find and why they are essential for safety.

The motorcycle riding gloves are a staple for the safety of the rider. However, it should be noted that there are many varieties of gloves and that each one is designed to offer the best performance in specific cases.

Therefore, to ensure safety and ensure that we are offering the best protection for our hands, with Kevlar motorcycle gloves we must take into account a series of tips. The first thing is to know the types of motorcycle gloves that exist and their main characteristics.

Gloves types:

Depending on the time of year or climate for which they are intended, we can find:

Summer Gloves: Best summer motorcycle gloves are shorter and lighter. They are made of more breathable materials and some even incorporate holes to promote ventilation.

Winter Gloves : Best winter motorcycle gloves are longer and incorporate closings at the height of the wrist to fit them better. They can be made of leather or synthetic materials. They are thicker and therefore better protected from cold or rain. In contrast, they provide less sensitivity in the hands.

Urban gloves : Light, flexible and comfortable. They are intended to be used in the city, at low speeds. They do not incorporate too many protections, except in key areas such as the knuckles. EndoGear Kevlar motorcycle gloves are the best alternative accessible.

Black Leather motorcycle gloves

Kevlar motorcycle gloves

Motorcycle Racing Gloves

Best Motorcycle Racing Gloves: They are gloves specially intended for sports use. They are usually made of stronger materials, incorporate more rigid carbon or titanium protections and sacrifice comfort for efficiency and safety.

Best Leather Motorcycle Gloves : They are preferably made of leather and offer greater resistance to abrasion.

Why are they basic to security?

Gloves are an essential accessory for any biker for many reasons, but above all for their safety.

First of all, gloves protect your hands in the event of a fall . When we go to the ground, the first thing we do to protect ourselves is to support our hands and try to cushion the blow. For this reason, they must always be well protected.

On the other hand, Kevlar motorcycle gloves are essential for safety because they contribute decisively to pilot comfort and driving efficiency. For example, gloves with good breathability will prevent your hands from sweating and slipping when holding on to the handlebars.

In more extreme situations, protective motorcycle gloves also help protect the hands from inclement weather , such as rain or cold, which are likely to cause loss of feeling and touch in the hands.

It should be noted that the Kevlar lined motorcycle gloves also help protect the hand from chafing and prevent calluses and hardness coming out from the continuous rubbing of the hand with the rubber of the handlebar. They also offer protection against stones or other objects that could impact the handlebar.

Tips For Choosing Your Best Motorcycle Riding Gloves:

The first thing you should ask yourself before choosing motorcycle gloves is: “What am I going to use them for? " There are different types of gloves with specific characteristics for a specific use. For example, moto gloves are specially designed for this practice and are not recommended for riding in the city.

The size is very important. Kevlar motorcycle gloves should fit snugly in the hand, but without being too tight, as they would be uncomfortable and would protect less from cold or moisture.

Motorcycle hand gloves should be like a second skin. You should hardly notice that you are wearing them. Gloves of the right size allow greater mobility and will function almost as an extension of our body. On the other hand, uncomfortable or the wrong size motorcycle riding gloves will cause a more forced driving and, therefore, less safe and efficient.

There are gloves for different times of the year. Some are special for winter, as they are thicker and hotter. Others, lighter and more breathable, are perfect for summer.