Swift Vs Objective-C: Which is the Future of iOS App Development in 2022?

Swift Vs Objective-C: Which is the Future of iOS App Development in 2022?

Created by Apple and for Apple, Swift is the most rapidly growing programming language nowadays. As an alternative to the well-known Objective-C.

When you aim to develop a perfect iOS application for your business, the first thing you need to choose is the programming language for the app development. You have two options for that- either go with old Objective-C or opt for next-generation Swift. You may be a little confused in making the right choice, for that you should know the fundamental differences between them.

This article will help you explore the two programming languages in extensive detail, including their features and how they shape the iOS ecosystem.

Difference Between Objective C and Swift

Objective C

Tom Love and Brad Cox of the Stepstone company came up with the programming language Objective-C in 1984, an extension of C. It is the combination of advantages of languages C and Smalltalk. It gained popularity within a short span and was extensively adopted by developers. It has contributed mainly to iOS and OS X applications because of its object-oriented capability and a dynamic runtime.


Swift is new to the market. Apple introduced Swift in 2014. It is open-source and goes way past C and Smalltalk in having a modern approach. It comes with modernized concepts and simplified syntax, and a dynamic interactive environment. It has higher-order functions like type inference, optional, and generics. Swift is optimized to give high-performance apps for Apple devices.

Which One Is Better?

Performance: Swift tops the list in providing a glitch-free experience to the users. The API stability of Swift is highly efficient, and according to Apple, Swift is 2.6 times faster than Objective-C. Simple syntax and dynamic library support help in boosting app performance. It is object-oriented without a garbage collector, unlike Objective-C. Swift is the first choice of every front-end app development company to build highly responsive iOS apps.

Community and Support: Swift is open-source, unlike Objective-C. This means more and more people can access it; as a result, a large pool of resources is available. The newcomers prefer this language as compared to Objective-C. So you have a vast collection of Swift app development services in the market. Besides professional support, the large community of Swift can back you up in solving app development issues. So in the case of Swift, you get an advantage of an expert and professional community, which is not possible with Objective C.

Safety: Swift is developed to avoid vulnerabilities by quickly identifying and fixing bugs, and it helps to improve code security for iOS products. The language gives a cleaner code by avoiding typing errors without using pointers. On the other hand, Objective-C is an extension of the C++ and C language and is highly vulnerable to errors due to null pointers.

Toolkit: Being open-source, developers get the opportunity to use tools offered by third-party companies. It is easier to get new advanced tool kits deployed in Swift as it is a newbie and continuously updating. This is not the case with ObjectiveC, as it is an ancient language. If you want to leverage this feature, you must hire front end developers to build a feature-rich app.

Code Complexity: Swift uses lesser code and string interpolation, whereas Objective-C uses verbose text strings. There are higher chances that the application gets crashed in Objective-C. But the chances of crashing are zero for Swift because of the concise code used. As a result, the time, effort, and cost of mobile app development get reduced.


We can not deny that Swift is more popular and is developing at a very high rate, and it means Swift is going to rule iOS app development. Swift is a modern and advanced language, and it is up to date with the new industry trends, so it has become the first choice of entrepreneurs. AppStudio is a top-ranking app development company that helps businesses build iOS applications using Swift. We have experienced iOS and OS X app developers who understand your requirements and current trends in the industry. Get compatible, customized, and highly responsive apps for your enterprise with the help of leading app developers.

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