Choosing the Right Website Design & Development Tools

Choosing the Right Website Design & Development Tools

You can also Hire Dedicated Developers to build your website from scratch and this method takes less effort with the best results.

Top Tips to Choosing the Right Website Design and Development Tools in 2021

In terms of website design, there are a lot of different ways to get things done and you can go with the simplest method to create a website using the built-in website builder of a Web Development Company. These website builders let you use the drag and drop feature to create a website without any prior knowledge about website building.

You can also Hire Dedicated Developers to build your website from scratch and this method takes less effort with the best results. Either you are an individual or a business owner who wants to build a website without hiring a web developer or a Professional Web Development Company, this article will help you choose a website builder according to your needs.

What to look for in a web development tool?

Keep these things in mind when you are looking for a web development tool to find the right tool and simplify the whole development process.

• Functionality

Find a tool with beginner-friendly development features while it also contains all the powerful editing and customization features.

• Cost

Some of these development tools are paid so try to use the demo version of your favorite development tool before spending your money to check if it meets all your development needs.

• Compatibility

Choose a development tool to design a website and automatically adjust it according to all the available smart devices as users will use the website on different devices.

• Security

Security of your website matters the most and an ideal development tool should at least offer an SSL certificate and multi-layer security.

• Customer Support

You will face some issues and a tool with 24/7 customer service support will help you get rid of all these issues in the shortest time possible.

Importance of Web Development Tools

Web development is a long process with many different stages such as choosing the programming language, framework, and choosing the best web server for your website, etc. Web development tools are designed in such a way to simplify all these tasks and shorten the process of building a website without affecting your performance.

A large number of website development tools and techniques offer pre-built elements, pre-written code snippets, editors, external libraries, and compilers for creating a website. Finding the appropriate development tool with the right tools and features will cut short the design time to a large extent.

Best Website Development Tools

Here are some of the best web design tools available in the market today that you can choose if you are interested in building a website on your own.

• WordPress

• InVIsion Studio

• Figma

• Canva


• Marvel


WordPress is one of the best web development tools free that has the most advanced content management system and it is completely open-source meaning that you will be able to control the website on a whole new level. Free and paid plugins make the website creation limitless and can add extra functionalities to your website.

You only need to create your WordPress hosting account to start creating and hosting your website in a few simple steps. Build any kind of website with WordPress and apply your favorite theme from a large collection of thousands of free and paid themes available. Create and change the page layout through the drag and drop feature.

InVIsion Studio

InVIsion Studio is yet another web development tool that helps you in creating the prototype of your new website so you can share it with other developers before bringing it to life. Collaborate with other web developers to solve any issues and craft your website with an interactive interface to show others what you are truly capable of.

Use great animations, transitions, and various other working buttons on your website without writing a single line of code. After creating the starting and result design of the website, everything else is professionally done by the studio. You can integrate it with the sketch server to become the ultimate designer.


Figma is a freemium website development tool through which you can work with a team of professional website designers to complete your project right on time. Design placement won’t be a problem for you anymore as you can use code snippets to place them without coding.

The real-time commenting feature enables you to share your feedback with your teammates and get feedback from them by submitting your work to remove any bugs and update the design accordingly. The auto-layout feature can automatically place all elements of the website based on their functions.


Canva is one of the best website builder software that comes up with a large number of pre-made website templates of various categories to quickly design a website. You can also upload your design to Canva to edit it and create an account to save all your data on a cloud server.

Design types, colors, fonts, styles, photos, and all the other elements available in the built-in Canva library are everything you need to design a unique website. The free version features a limited number of website templates but you can buy the pro plan to unlock everything. is a freemium wireframe creation software that features a user-friendly interface to show each detail of your website at a glance so you can remove unnecessary elements with a single click.

It supports the creation of wireframes for websites and mobile applications and you don’t need a login to start the design. Change the layout of the webpage from portrait to landscape or vice versa based on the type of smart device you are using. Share links with your teammates to collaborate with other designers.


Marvel is an online web design and development tool that lets you bring your ideas to life by creating prototypes with a few clicks. You don’t need to learn a single line of code to create your website and can start the design without downloading the software on your computer first.

Integrate the design of your website on a built-in storyboard and enable other designers to test your website for any bugs before you finally launch it. Put your website to the test by using the mobile usage tool to check its design on a small screen device.


All the tools given above have the potential to become your next web development tool as they have all the necessary features to create your website. There is a free version of these tools so you don’t have to spend any money and can achieve your target.

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