Milk Can For Transportation - Which one we should buy?

Milk Can For Transportation - Which one we should buy?

Transporting milk is a challange for Dairy business person and milk cans help in that, but which milk can we should prefer. Let's Discuss.

Transporting milk from fields to dairy facilities requires the use of 3 different types of milk cans: plastic, stainless steel, and Aluminium alloy.

Plastic milk cans have a short lifespan, say, of no more than four years, and there are hygiene problems because when they are cleaned and brushed from the inside, they leave scratches that can serve as a breeding ground for bacteria.

On the one hand, stainless steel milk cans are hygienic, but on the other, because stainless steel milk cans are built of thin stainless sheet, they experience higher temperature rises than plastic and Aluminium alloy. Additionally, due to its brittle nature, it is vulnerable to fractures and breaks during transit from severe handling.

The maximum lifespan of an Aluminium milk can is 10 to 12 years. It is more insulating than plastic and stainless steel, and because it is monoblock in design, it is also more hygienic. Therefore, Aluminum Alloy Milk Cans will triumph over Steel and Plastic Milk Cans in the competition. The amount you spend for an Aluminium milk can will finally provide value for your investment.