How Creators Build their NFT Community From Scratch?

How Creators Build their NFT Community From Scratch?

I was wondering how to build a community from scratch? Just read the blog on building a community for your NFTs with the help of NFT community marketing agency.

It is undeniable that communities are the heart and soul of every NFT collection. But are you sceptical about how to curate one from rock bottom when you have no connections or followers? Here’s a comprehensive guide on how you can build your NFT community from scratch and make it big in the NFT-verse!

If you are planning to curate your NFT collection, your priority should be to work on building a community. Some creators have built their community from scratch - from having zero followers to becoming the most sought-after spaces! Communities are important as they support your NFT collection - it is useless to have an NFT project in the first place if you don’t have a loyal community.

It is always good to approach an NFT marketing agency to promote your collection while building your community. Even if you are starting a collection for the first time, it makes sense to partner with a good agency to optimize your results.

How to build your community

It is easy to create a community - the hard part is nurturing it and maintaining it properly. You need to engage your audience to keep them eager to know more about your collection. Create a new server on Discord and give it a catchy name - be sure to create subchannels for general details, announcements, giveaways, NFT minting, and more. People can have meaningful conversations on these servers to spread the word about your features. Learn about discord marketing services and make your inactive community members to active menbers.

It is a good idea to begin adding people to your server with your inner circle. Start with friends and family who you know will be interested in your collection. They need not even purchase your NFTs - merely pose questions and keep the conversations going. By keeping the group active every day, you can encourage more people to join your servers. It’s just a way to prove to people that your collection is authentic and your server is not packed with bots - it has real people who have meaningful conversations!

Which platforms will help you build your community?

The prime platform to build your community in Discord. Right after that, you have Instagram and Twitter. The reason these places are ideal for community-building is owing to how direct the communication with the audience is. You can have direct conversations with your audience and make active efforts to know their preferences. You could even have to Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions and live sessions on your social media.

Be sure to ask some people to pose specific questions you would like to answer. You could present them with points and rewards if they ask the question and you can use the opportunity to speak more about your collection. Joining Twitter Spaces as a host or as a speaker or a familiar person’s Twitter Party will also give you a boost to reach your audience. The idea is to leverage the popularity and community of people who are already popular to showcase your brand in the limelight.

What activities and strategies can you use?

Host giveaways! This is a good way to attract people to your brand and encourage them to participate during your sessions. It will boost your engagement if you ask people to stay active on your server for a whole month or ask them to participate in all your live sessions for rewards! You could use this strategy to rope in more people as well - maybe offer free crypto and NFTs to people who make others to join your server! People like being appreciated for their efforts and you can build trust with loyalty. Therefore, giveaways are unique ways to incentivize people to keep supporting you!

Another strategy is to use an influencer to promote your content. Influencers have an insanely good face value and can build the authenticity of your brand. By using an influencer within your niche, you can leverage their follower base and use them to educate the common man.

Any good NFT community marketing agency would have a strong network of connections spread out across various fields and diverse audiences. You can use them to promote your content on social media or ask them to join your community and directly engage with your audience.

Which agency should you turn to for your needs?

When it comes to quality NFT marketing without compromising on your budget, Eon8 is one of the most reputed agencies. The brand is known for its 360-degree holistic approach to digital marketing and ensures that all your specific requirements are fulfilled. It is one of the best options if you are looking for affordable services and customizable packages. The best part is that you need not pay for services you don’t require.

Their NFT community marketing agency has been actively helping brands across the globe to build their communities and make them big. It is time to kickstart your journey as well and improve your brand awareness, revenue, and lead generation.

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