The Milton Keynes Job Market: Concrete Cows and Roundabouts

The Milton Keynes Job Market: Concrete Cows and Roundabouts
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Milton Keynes is in the Top 10 Cities in the country for the average workplace wage.

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The Top 8 for Technical Innovation.

The Top 5 for Start Up Rates.

The Top 3 for Productivity Levels.

The Top 3 for Business Stock Percentage.

And First for Economic Growth.

On paper, Milton Keynes is a fantastic place to work, and it’s the same story when you step out, into the real world.

From the convenient transport links and well designed buildings, to the countless opportunities for development; it’s no surprise that Milton Keynes has been ‘one to watch’ throughout the UK and Europe, in recent years.

Although it’s developing into a well rounded city, Milton Keynes’ biggest employment markets are Industrial, Commercial, and Technical. This is down to the consistently high quality development and innovation being done by companies that have identified Milton Keynes as the perfect location for their national or international headquarters.

Among these companies are Argos, Volkswagen, Dominos Pizza UK, Marshal Amps, Network Rail, Red Bull F1, Mercedes-Benz, and Homebase; to name a few. These companies, and many more like them, supply seemingly endless opportunities for work in technical and commercial industries, as well as industrial work, and catering jobs in Milton Keynes.

These job opportunities are coming thick and fast and showing no sign of slowing down, as Milton Keynes is consistently ranked as one of the top UK cities for both existing and forecast growth in employment and Gross Value Added. In 2017, MK over-took Cambridge, officially, becoming the fastest growing city in the country. This is caused by the rise in innovation and technical work, but it’s also encouraging more; great news for those in the industry.

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