ERP Project Team Structure Roles & Responsibilities

ERP Project Team Structure Roles & Responsibilities
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Internal resource for any ERP implementation team plays a critical role in the project, and therefore the efficacy of transformational change.

There are many reasons you may be considering undertaking an ERP implementation. It could be to increase productivity, streamline your internal operation, or improve your customer’s experience. Whatever your end goal is, to ensure the project is a complete success, it is crucial to choose the correct software and the right ERP implementation team structure with defined roles and responsibilities.

Project Manager: the steering committee

The project team manager should have a technical understanding of your business process and is responsible for organizing the implementation process — ensuring it’s on time and budget. To guarantee the development of the ERP system is meeting the business’s goals for the solution.

They will coordinate with the internal ERP implementation team and update the plan as and when required.

The super-user

The super users can be described as the most versatile players in this squad, and arguably the most critical ERP Project team members to the long-term success of your solution.

The functional project team members

The functional project team is made up of technical experts from your company’s finance, manufacturing, and IT departments, and they’re responsible for communicating the more complex aspects of the ERP software to the non-technical end-users.

The support team is there to keep the ERP solution running as it should and will be made up of line-oriented superusers. They’re there to work in conjunction with the ERP consultant to learn the ropes and train the trainers, conduct user acceptance testing, carry out various administrative tasks and provide first-line user assistance when needed.

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