Business Advantages of Shrink Wrap Machines

Business Advantages of Shrink Wrap Machines
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Keep Your Packaging Costs Down with Shrink Wrap Machines & Equipment

Shrink Wrapping is a process that involves the application of temperature-sensitive films and wraps. When heat is applied to the film it shrinks tightly to whatever it is covering. Shrink wrapping machinery is available for a variety of product sizes and both automatic and semi-automatic shrink wrapping machines.

Shrink Wrap Machines Are Small

Take back your floor space and increase your productivity. Shrink wrap equipment can offer a smaller profile than other containment options. Shrink system consists of two parts. The sealer and the shrink tunnel. These components can be installed right next to each other or farther apart, depending on available space.

Space gains with shrink wrap are not limited to the machines. In many cases the products being shrink wrapped will be reduced in size. This reduction in size will increase the available space for product storage. This benefit can translate directly in to cost savings by reducing freight costs due to increased shipping volumes.

Shrink Wrap Machines Reduce Waste

Shrink wrap machines allow for precise trimming and application of shrink films. A manual or automatic trim and sealer ensures that excess shrink film is removed and can be easily recycled. Precise trimming also improves product appearance, eliminating unsightly shrink tales and wrinkles.

Kempner is one of the UK’s leading Shrink Film and Shrink wrapping machinery specialists and can help you find the right shrink wrap machines that are tailored to your operation’s unique needs. For more information on environmentally friendly recyclable shrink film to help sustainability talk to the UKs shrink wrap experts.