Tips to Optimise Your SEO For Voice Search!

Tips to Optimise Your SEO For Voice Search!

Nowadays, virtual assistants like Siri, Alexa, Google Assistants, and others are becoming more widespread. Every day the number of people who prefer to use just voice dialing when searching for information is only growing. This means that optimising for voice search can be a great way to convey the content of your site to users. This is much faster, more convenient and easier than typing a query using the keyboard.

Voice search interprets the queries a little differently. Voice assistants look for compressed pieces of information that allow you to present a response to a user's request in several sentences. That is why optimisation for voice search requires special attention.

A study has predicted that 50% of all searches will be via voice, and 30% of searches will take place without a screen by 2020. With the development of virtual assistants, search queries will also change, which will further change the world of digital marketing. However, all SEO companies, including SEO company in Australia are thinking about optimisation of SEO for voice search. In this write-up, take a look at the following tips to optimise your SEO for voice search:

  • Focus on Intent and Problems of Users

Voice search displays a website that answered the question in its content since the user is more likely to ask a question in conversational format like "How can I run a marathon?" Therefore, if you have an authoritative domain, your page is optimized for certain semantic and interactive groups of keywords and answers the user's question, then it will become a good candidate for appearing in the voice search results. Remember that the combination of different factors is important.

  • Work with Semantics

The main specifics of voice search and the difference from the classic manual input is the semantics of the search query. When optimizing content, you should think about replacing “robotic” keys with conversational options. Think about how you would like to formulate the question and what answers would you like to see first? The semantic core must certainly contain geo-referenced words like metro, street, district, district for large cities. The keys “how”, “what”, “best”, and others interrogative words, are considered the most popular in voice search. Indeed, users generate their request to the search engine based on the question. Therefore, it is recommended that include them in semantics for quick advancement in the search.

  • Optimise the Resource for Mobile Traffic

When creating a mobile version of the site, be sure to check each page for correctness, ease of use and performance. Everything should work clearly, contain only relevant information and be as convenient as possible for the visitor.

  • Create an FAQ Section

By using the FAQ section, you can make your site appear more often in search results. The FAQ section is often the optimal form of content for answering voice queries. Therefore, by placing the “Frequently Asked Questions” block on the site, you can get more traffic to the site. You can quickly optimise content for voice search by creating a section on the site. For each request, take a separate page with relevant information. Ideally, a short but clear answer to the user's question should be placed at the beginning of the text. Avoid complex language and possibly professional terms, write in simple, understandable language.

  • Use LSI Phrases

Voice queries are longer than text. Writing the same long and detailed queries are too lazy or inconvenient. In voice search, people often use LSI phrases. Latent semantics, LSI-keys are non-obvious keywords that accompany the main query and supplement it. In addition, it makes the text more competent, understandable, interesting, and most importantly, answer the user's question. To write the high-quality text for a landing page for these queries, you will have to use synonymous and relevant keywords.

  • Optimise for Local Search

Working with organization cards in geolocation services is an integral component of optimization for voice search. It is especially relevant for offline companies such as cafes, restaurants, shops, salons, car services. For the card on the geolocation service, fill out the information that may be interesting and useful to the client in detail: be sure to include the address, contact details, working hours, location on the map. Make a unique description of the business, select the categories you need, upload 3-5 photos. Keep up with the relevance of this information, regularly update it.

  • Secure Site with SSL Certificate

Over the past years, it is noticed that a significant increase in the effect of SSL certificates on the performance of a site in search. Sites accessible via the HTTPS protocol dominate the voice results page. However, now this applies to regular searches. Therefore, you need to switch to SSL certification for increasing website visibility.

  • Website Loading Speed

Website loading speed is one of the main factors ranking sites in search engines. Typically, search results contain in response to a voice query pages that load on average in 2-3 seconds. Search engines offer people sites with fast downloads. In order to increase the visibility of pages in voice outputs, it is worth working on. Website speed is one of the important points of any optimization, especially for voice search. The clients will not wait until your site loads. They would rather go to another, faster one. Since most people use voice search on smartphones, you need to think about creating an adaptive version of the site for mobile devices. It is important that it is fully optimized.

  • Work with Micro-Making

Special markup on the site helps in the formation of search results for search engines. Before moving to the company’s website, the user sees a block with the image and information, snippet. It helps search engines better understand the web document, its content, purpose and structure, determines the type of content that is present on the site. This can be a review, product card, biography, article, news or announcement. With the help of micro-marking, search engines better understand the data like addresses, numbers, phone numbers. All these will make your site more visible. When adding the address and other contacts of the company, make sure that all information is entered correctly and without errors.


Voice search is a new trend that is rapidly changing our world and over time will only gain momentum. Every day, people strive to find a quick solution that will turn a large number of routine actions into a few simple and easy things. Of course, this technology portends the transition of traditional SEO to a different format like the era of primitive content, ultra-fast page loading and conversational keyword options. To be in trend, it is important to think about optimizing your site for voice search.