Maur Reles TipsTo Make Photography Your Hobby

Maur Reles TipsTo Make Photography Your Hobby

Read on as Mayur Rele, a technology expert with a great passion for photography takes us through how to make photography your hobby. It usually takes a differen

We all take pictures with our phones all thanks to the new technology but not all of us love photography It usually takes a different level of interest to make photography a hobby or a career. Also, the things you need to learn, and the expenses involved can make it overwhelming and frustrating. So how can you make photography your hobby? Every photographer will tell you there is no single way to make photography a hobby, but with the extra time in your hands, you can push your photography interest to the next level. You can learn to capture your memories while spending time with your family and friend. Although the beginning feels easy and simple, however, you need to put in a lot of work and be consistent to become a professional photographer. With the right tools, learning from your mistake, and experimenting with your camera, you are on the right path. Read on as Mayur Rele, a technology expert with a great passion for photography takes us through how to make photography your hobby.

Get a good camera

Once you’ve decided to make photography your hobby, the first and most important thing is to get a good camera. Different types of cameras are available in the market today with good image capability unlike many decades ago. These cameras are lightweight and deliver professional images such as the ones in magazines and portfolios. However, make sure you learn how to use the camera before purchasing it.

Go for training

There is a lot to learn in photography training and workshops. Oftentimes, people believe they don’t need it because they only want to make photography a hobby, however, you need the training to capture perfect and captivating pictures. Photography training teaches you how to set your camera, handle it, study light and reflection, photo editing, and many more. It also gives you a different perspective on how to take pictures and make your images visually appealing. Therefore, photography training is a great option for everyone that wants to make photography a hobby.

Go outside your building

Go outside your house, move around your neighborhood, and take pictures of your families and neighbors. One of the best sources of lighting is natural daylight therefore explore nature with it. Experiment by taking portraits of your friends and family. You can also blur the background of your pictures by adjusting your camera aperture.

Capture people’s emotions

“Great photographs usually contain genuine emotions,” explains, Mayur Rele. keep shooting with the camera in your hands and look for fleeting moments to capture. When you slow down your shutter speed, it helps you create the idea of motion in the picture while increasing the shutter speed will create a freeze-frame picture.

Experiment with angles

Developing your photography skills by experimenting with angles helps you capture perfect pictures. You can capture and achieve a high angle by standing on furniture or by placing your camera on the ground while using the slip screen of your camera to shoot up. Discipline yourself, go out of your comfort zone, and be creative. Try new and different things like lying on the floor, climbing on something, and many more until you capture interesting images.

Capture details

Details speak a lot about your picture and tell the complete story of the image. Add details to your image by capturing reflections of glass, tabletops, and many more. Look out for images that are close to your camera and focus on them. ‘You don’t need to put all the entire image on your camera but the details are important’. Says Mayur Rele.

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