Mayur Rele | Landscape Photography Tips

Mayur Rele | Landscape Photography Tips

In this article, Mayur Rele will talk about some tips about landscape photography.

In this article, Mayur Rele will talk about some tips about landscape photography. Everyone likes a good landscape view of nature; it is also the most satisfying and rewarding type of photography. If you want to pursue photography or landscape photography this article is for you.

Who is Mayur Rele?

Mayur Rele is one of the most successful and respected nature photographers in New Jersey USA. He is one of the most influential artists in the modern age of photography. Here are some tips from Mayur Rele to improve your photography.

1- Patience

Landscape photography is the most satisfying and rewarding type of photography. You capture some shots that can’t be duplicated once a lifetime. So the best tip to click a shot is to be patient, says Mayur Rele. A good landscape photographer should always be patient when clicking photographs. As it is the most rewarding type of photography it will demand patience from you in return.

2- Do your research well

In photography, there are so many factors that come into play when you are clicking pictures in nature. And in open nature fields, you need to do research well, whether, temperature, wildlife, lightning, conditions, and park permits. If you don’t do your research well you are not only wasting your time to click some shots but also you are putting your life in danger. If you do your research well it won’t only make you safe in conditions but also can help you capture the shot of a lifetime.

3- Nature cannot be controlled

If you are using nature to capture some images keep one thing in mind that nature is not controlled by you. Nature can be rewarding but also unforgivable. Nature doesn’t care about your planning or the time you waited for a shot to capture nor does it care about the research you do. Knowing that nothing is guaranteed, locations can go from calm to stormy weather within no time.

4- Practice

This is the most important tip and most common tip one can give you. Practice makes a man or a woman perfect and if you want to excel in landscape photography there are two things you have to take care of: you have to practice your shots on and on and on and you have to be patient. You can’t be a good landscape artist or photographer if you rush things use patience in your favor and develop yourself.


Landscape photography not only rewards you with good pictures and shots but also makes you experience things you have not experienced. Like the beautiful sight of natural formations and secrets, we can’t see them with our bare eyes. As a photographer who captures the beauty of our planet, we have a responsibility to preserve it and we have to give respect to nature too, says Mayur Rele. Leave no tracks behind, do not litter Mother Nature and help us and stand together to keep nature beautiful as it is.

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