How Do I Get Weed?

How Do I Get Weed?

In this article we will tell you how you can order legal weed online as easily as possible.

In recent times, online commerce has represented a new frontier to explore, a new way of shopping and a new way of experiencing everyday life. We will tell you how you can order weed online as easily as possible.

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  • How Do I Get Weed?
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Cannabis light: a growing market

The light cannabis market is very diverse. In recent years the cannabis business has taken off and a large number of farmers have decided to turn their business into the cultivation of light hemp: the so-called legal cannabis, rich in CBD.

Like growers, a large number of merchants have decided to try the light cannabis route, with the result that our cities are full of shops dedicated to Inflorescence and hemp products such as oil and flour.

The first trade association was established in 2019 to protect producers, distributors and small businesses: it represents some two thousand points of sale of light cannabis, with a turnover of more than 6.5 million.

And if the turnover of cultivation alone is about 40 million, the total value of the hemp market could reach between 7.3 and 30 billion in ten years - according to research by organization Prohibition Partners updated to the first quarter of 2019, for both medicinal and recreational cannabis.

Although it is growing continuously, the figures are still very small: the land cultivated in the space of five years has increased tenfold , reports from 400 hectares in 2013 to almost 4,000 hectares in 2018.

The investments are concentrated in the rural areas. The figures are encouraging, but they are still far from the approximately 100,000 hectares of the 1940s the second hemp producer in the world after the Soviet Union, before nylon and prohibition led to the abandonment of cultivation.

Today, hemp is used to produce oils for cosmetics , resins, and natural fabrics for clothing and furniture, as well as eco-bricks for green building and pellets for heating.

How Do I Get Weed? Many places! Legal marijuana can not only be found in specialized stores: to sell it no special authorization is needed, so it can be included in the offer of any commercial year.

It can also be bought in bars and tobacconists, which - like all other retailers - must prove that the product does not have doping effects, as requested by the Court in June 2019. However, most light cannabis is sold online The digital market is very wide and you can find all possible and imaginable varieties, for all budgets.

How Do I Get Weed online?

The purchase of legal weed is a 100% permitted operation, as long as the buyer knows that law does not in any way allow intake by vaporization or combustion for this type of product.

Light cannabis, in fact, has been legalized as part of a broader regulatory operation of industrial hemp, grown for use in manufacturing, cosmetics, and food and then purchased legally online.

There are no restrictions - except the concentration of active ingredients - in the rest of the derived products. Light cannabis must be sold in sealed packages, which can contain varying numbers of Inflorescence; The exact concentration of each active substance and the name of the laboratory that carried out the analyzes must be indicated on each package.

There are many varieties of legal weed on the market, usually distinguished by their strain and genetic effect, which varies based on genetics and different concentration of active ingredients, CBD and THC.

The THC in any case must never exceed 0.2% , a threshold beyond which the discipline applied to traditional marijuana is covered. Online stores are only accessible to people of legal age, as should be the case in physical stores, and offer a wide selection of legal cannabis .

There are single-brand sites - like HDIGW Cannabis - that grow, work and sell, and sites that offer selections of herbs from different brands.

The procedure for buying legal weed is the same as for any other online purchase: choose your product favorite to the shopping cart, enter your credit card details and proceed to payment.

Buying online guarantees excellent value for money and the possibility of fast and anonymous shipping, to ensure the protection of consumer privacy.

Buy cannabis at an honest price

Purchase online. It is very convenient, but it has risks. Buying a product from which it is not known where it comes from, from a company about which little or nothing is known, can expose the buyer to the risk of buying poor quality light cannabis , perhaps cultivated with pesticides and substances harmful to the organism.

If you want to be sure of what you buy, choose HDIGW Cannabis. On our website you will find only products grown in Italy, without the use of pesticides, from varieties certified according to standards.

We take great care of our plants: each HDIGW Cannabis flower carries within it the story of the men and women who take care of the plants one by one every day, thanks to the exceptional climate that our country offers, together with an exclusive biodiversity that allows the cultivation of a unique cannabis in the world.

When you buy light cannabis from our website you know what you are buying. By managing the entire supply chain (we do it all ourselves) we can offer our products at an honest price!

High quality cannabis light: XL

Buying online is convenient and allows you to get a better product at competitive prices . However, if large quantities of product are needed, buying online can be inconvenient, unless you already know what to choose to order in quantity.

HDIGW has created a new product, Cannabis Extra Large that will allow you to secure a good supply of light cannabis at a great price.