Do DBS Checks Expire? Your frequently asked questions have been answered

Do DBS Checks Expire? Your frequently asked questions have been answered

When we're on the road at Exhibitions and Trade Shows, people often tell us they have a DBS checks online.

When we're on the road at Exhibitions and Trade Shows, people often tell us they have a DBS Check, but think it's probably "out of date" now as it was a while ago. Similarly, we will be asked questions like 'When will my DBS check expire?'.

We have created this handy blog to answer some of our most frequently asked questions and also to address one of the biggest misconceptions of a DBS Check Online: how long are they really valid.

When will my DBS Check expire?

Believe it or not, there is no official period for how long a DBS Check Online is actually valid. A DBS Certificate is only accurate on the day it is issued, as it is a snapshot of a person's criminal history at the time they receive their DBS certificate. For this reason, it would be impossible to say precisely how long this information should be valid.

A DBS Check Online is an important part of the on boarding process, but it is just as important to request DBS checks on a regular basis. Here at DBS Check Online Services, we are dedicated to protecting, which is why we ask our staff to complete a new Basic DBS check every two years. This ensures that any potential risk to our customers, suppliers and staff is kept to a minimum and that the information we hold about our staff is up to date.

How often do I need to renew DBS Checks Online for my staff?

Just as there is no set time limit for the validity of a DBS Check Online, the decision to carry out further DBS Check Online is often at the discretion of the organization.

Some organizations will only perform a DBS Check Online once, usually as part of the on boarding process. However, as we mentioned earlier, unless you run another check in the future, any changes to a person's criminal record will not be highlighted to you.

Other organizations, including ours, will have a policy dictating when new DBS applications will be completed for their staff and most organizations will complete them on an annual, semi-annual or tri-annual basis.

There may also be some organizations that are regulated by governing bodies, such as the DBS Check Online UK, that require staff working in those organizations to undergo DBS checks more frequently than others due to their conducting Regulated Activities with children or Vulnerable Adults.

Will I have to recheck if a potential employee is in the DBS Check Service?

You will only be able to accept a DBS Certificate that is in the Update Service if the applicant has not changed their name and the template and verification level required for the position remain the same.

For example, if a potential employee has a DBS Certificate in the Update Service with a Child and Adult Personnel and in his new position he will only work with children, he will not be able to accept this DBS certificate, since he will have access to information that he has no legal right to know.

Similarly, if the wish is for the name of your company to appear on the DBS certificate, a new verification must be carried out. If it's a Standard or Enhanced check, you can add it to the Update Service within 30 calendar days of the "issue date" of the DBS certificate.