Madhu Mantena | Filmfare and IIFA Awards 2020

Madhu Mantena | Filmfare and IIFA Awards 2020

Madhu Mantena explains all about Filmfare and IIFA Awards. Know about the facts about Filmfare and IIFA awards.

The successful Indian film producer – Madhu Mantena is here to discuss about Filmfare and IIFA Awards (International Indian Film Academy Awards). Awards are given to honor both artistic excellence, technical geniuses, unparalleled dedication, and hard work put into making banging, one of its kind movies. While Firmware is one of the most famous events carried out in India, IIFA Award takes place outside the walls of India except for the 20th award which was held for the first time in Mumbai, India in 2020. Here, talents, creativity, and all Indian languages best of the best are brought to justice to determine who takes the cup, for what, and why.

Here, Madhu Mantena, a successful film producer, a media entrepreneur who has produced several highest-grossing movies explains all that Filmfare and IIFA Awards entail.

A Plethora of Genuine Talent is Showcased

These awards have successfully showcased the best talents that India has to offer the world. The aim was to promote India cinema across the globe and it spans out across numerous categories. IIFA awards major categories are popular awards, Special awards, and Technical awards. Filmfare is more or less the same with the major categories being Merit awards, Critics' awards, Technical awards, Special awards, Short film awards. Over the years, these awards have been the vehicle in driving the India cinema globally by celebrating and recognizing the talent within the Indian film industry. The annual celebration is always set to house Indian cinema’s finest talent, glamour, glitz, world-class media, world signatures, and fans across all walks of life. Here are the events everyone looked forward to and it’s no surprise they are the most famous events everyone, both home and abroad love,” Madhu Mantena says.

The Sponsors are the ones behind the Events

What is the behind-the-scene of those extravaganzas in India? “Anyone from event management companies to consulting outfits to media companies and even consumer goods companies. The ceremony has been sponsored by private organizations and any businesses looking to boost their brand reputation and gain wider visibility can be a sponsor.” Madhu Mantena says. Other commercial tie-ups, including the sale of tickets, also cover up for the expenses and everything that goes into making awards worth it.

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