Thinking New Construction?

Thinking New Construction?

This is everything you need to know!

Q: Do you need a realtor to purchase new construction?

A: YES! A new construction project requires an understanding of real estate rules and the ability to negotiate. To ensure there are no surprises, work with a realtor who can walk you through the steps from the purchase date to the move-in date.

Q: Which phase of construction are you buying into?

A: Understanding which phase you are buying into and when the phases are scheduled to be completed. Buying phase one, two or four will impact the Buyer in different ways. Speak with a realtor to understand the benefits of each phase.

Q: Should I research the builder?

A: Absolutely! Research the builder’s reputation including which materials they use and which properties they have previously built. The more you know, the better.

Q: Which amenities are included?

A: When purchasing a property with a maintenance fee, find out which amenities and services will be covered by the fee. Ensure the list of amenities are useful for your lifestyle and are valuable for resale.

Q: How do I stay on top of deadlines?

A: Discuss the projected schedule with the builder and your realtor. Ask for periodic written updates to ensure the building stays on schedule. Understand the consequences of a delay so you don’t get caught with additional fees or commitments in the event of a delayed deadline.

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