The Secret to Healthier Hair!

The Secret to Healthier Hair!

Time to change your hair routine!

Did you know that one of the first things people notice about you is your hair? It’s true! Your hair plays an essential role in setting the tone of your appearance and completing your look! Ask any woman walking out of a salon with a fresh blow out and she will tell you that having beautiful hair not only gives you a polished look, but also increases your self-esteem, adds to your confidence and quite frankly, makes you feel like a million bucks!

So how do we take care of this crown we wear on our head every single day? Here are 3 easy steps to follow to have beautiful healthy hair!

Step 1. Cleanse!

Whether we realize it or not, we ask a lot from our hair on a daily basis. We subject it to products which we think will help us achieve the styles we want. Anywhere from hair spray, gel, dry shampoo, mousse, to volumizer, texturizer, salt spray and oils. The list goes on and on! One of the first things you need to do is to find yourself is a good cleansing shampoo! One that is free of parabens, sulfates and other unnecessary fillers and ingredients. A shampoo you use once a week to truly deep clean your hair to get rid of all the natural oil and product build up. At Blo Milton, our guests LOVE our Weekender shampoo from Unite because it does just that! It gives your hair a deep scrub getting rid of all the unwanted pollutants for a squeaky-clean finish!

Step 2: Refresh!

After stripping your hair of excess waste, we want to moisturize and hydrate it. This is one of my favourite steps! Not only because I get to feel the ultra softness of my hair once I wash off the treatment after 10-15 minutes, but because I get to take 10-15 minutes all to my self! Total bliss! And ladies, let me tell you, deep conditioning your hair, or using hair masques really does work to restore that moisture back where it belongs!

Have a bazillion things to do and don’t have 10-15 minutes? Don’t fret, leaving the masque or treatment on for as little as 5 minutes will do the job as well! Be sure to do this weekly though to see a huge difference in the overall health of your hair!

Step 3: Protect!

Now that your hair is super clean and moisture rich, you need to use products that are not only healthy for your hair (free of all the harsh ingredients mentioned above) but will also protect it from the heat! Using a blow dryer, a straightener, a curler or a wand can all make your hair look on point and on trend, but over time can also leave your hair looking dry and damaged. Let’s be real though, ditching the hot tools is not an option. What you need are products that coat and protect your hair from the heat! In using professional lines such as Unite and Color WOW, Blo Milton ensures their guests beautiful locks remain healthy and protected from the heat. Both of these product lines are known for their focus on sourcing natural ingredients from kale, artichokes and various grains to using natural oils such as castor, argan and coconut to make your hair stronger, shinier and healthier every day!

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Many people forget that your hair, just like everything else, ages over time. Follow these three easy steps and you will notice the health of your hair improve immensely! Give it a try, come into Blo Milton and see what a difference a cleansing shampoo, a conditioning treatment and professional heat protectant products can make for your hair! Its time to invest in your hair care regime to have luscious locks for years to come! xo