Resale or Forever Home – what’s the difference?

Resale or Forever Home – what’s the difference?

“Sometimes the key to happiness is the key to the right home” - Anonymous.

The end goal for a real estate investment is not the same for all Buyers. Some Buyers plan to buy a forever home for their family, and other Buyers buy a home with resale in mind. The goals and objectives in each scenario vary greatly.

Resale Home Mindset:

• A resale home is an investment. If budget permits, choose a growing up-and-coming area that has been pegged to show an increase in demand. Cities and neighbourhoods identified as growth areas offer the best chance for short-term gain.

• A pre-build home or condo is an excellent investment as the value often increases through the construction period. A new condominium, townhome, or detached home will offer new appliances, amenities, and luxury upgrades, which will translate into attractive selling features.

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Forever Home Mindset:

• When purchasing a forever home, create a list of non-negotiable features and benefits. Don’t compromise on your needs and wants for your dream home.

• Location matters! The location will be one of the most important decisions you make. You want to make sure you are close to your favorite shops, restaurants, office, and your friends and family. As you will build your life in this location, make it as comfortable as possible.

• Be prepared when starting your search, so you don’t get caught up in the emotion of the experience. The experienced team at Forest Hill Keystone will help you find a home that has everything you’ve dreamt of, and perhaps, even more!

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