Blo Milton Turns One!

Blo Milton Turns One!

On May 31st 2020, Blo Milton will turn ONE! This Birthday celebration will be a different one for sure!

Balloons, Champaign, Cakes Cookies, Flowers and Giveaways! All the things I imagined when thinking about what we would do to celebrate our one-year anniversary. A milestone that carries big weight in any business but is extremely monumental in a small family run business.

Blo Milton Turns One!

Blo Blow Dry bar is a franchise yes, but Blo Milton, a part of that, is a family run business. Operated by my husband Bijal and myself, residents of Milton with two little boys. This was our little dream, our baby and just like other small businesses in our area, we poured all that we had in it.

Never in a million years did we think that only being 9 months into it, we would be forced to temporarily close and put our dreams on hold for a bit. Although it was a tough decision, it was the right decision.

Here we are, 74 days in, not knowing how many more to go and still holding strong. Having the support of our family, friends and our community has been incredible and completely humbling. We will definitely get through all this #together as we are 100% #miltonstrong!

Changes that can be expected once we re-open:

Blo Milton Turns One!

Speaking of reopening, we will continue to make safety a priority for our guests and our staff. We will be following the guidelines offered by not only the CDC and W.H.O. but also any other cosmetology boards that apply. There will be strict measures in place and procedures to follow regarding the disinfecting and sanitizing of equipment and service space before, after and in between each guest.

Some of the other measures we will be taking include:

  • Wearing Masks and gloves when in bar (Face shields may also be used by make up artists)
  • Asking our guests to bring their own masks to wear in bar
  • Asking our guests to answer questions before confirming their appointments
  • We will be operating under capacity to allow for social distancing with other guests
  • We will ask our guests to come into the bar with as minimum stuff as possible
  • We will ask when possible to pay via a Credit Card to remain cashless

The storm is not yet over….

Please note that these precautions and procedures are put in place to ensure that safety continues to be our top priority. My ask from our guests will be to continue to work with us, as you all have been doing, show patience and empathy as we tread through this storm together.

Blo Milton Turns One!

And besides, when your hair and make up look that good, no one will even notice the mask! Looking forward to seeing all of our #blobabes back in bar soon! Miss miss you all!


Parul Patel
Blo Milton