5 Ways to Create a Calm Home

5 Ways to Create a Calm Home

Creating calm in your home during these unprecedented times can be challenging. We thought why not share some ideas that can enhance the mood in your home.

1. Clear the Clutter

If rooms in your home are full of clutter, it will be hard to concentrate. Take a few minutes to clear the clutter by reducing waste and recycle items you no longer use. Once your space is clutter-free, you will be able to think clearly and breathe easily.

2. Use Calming Colours

Engage with colours that will be calming to your mind. Calming grays, whites, and linen/cream are colours that soothe your mood and leave you feeling refreshed. Discover an array of calming colours that will work for your home with this colour guide

3. Plants and Greenery

Nature calms the soul. Surround yourself with greenery, flowers, plants, and trees. Take a walk in the forest or the local parks while practicing social distancing. If possible, support local business by purchasing flowers and plants – it will help local florists and boost your mood. Win-win!

4. Natural Textiles

Natural textiles are soft and inviting to the touch. When possible, purchase products made of linen, silk, or bamboo, for example. These materials feel like a hug on the skin. If you are having trouble sleeping, bamboo, linen, or silk bedding will comfort your body and help you slip off to sleep.

5. Diffuse Essential Oils

Essential Oils boost your mood, your immune system, and keep your home smelling beautiful. Create a unique combination of scents or purchase a scent that speaks to you! Our local shop LaLa Soap offers Essential Oils and natural soaps that will calm your mind and lift your spirits. Support local by shopping at LaLa Soap.

How we at Forest Hill Keystone are helping our clients during these unprecedented times:

  • Virtual Meeting & Consultations
  • Electronic Signatures
  • Leveraging our strong online marketing strategies for our Sellers: Custom Website - 3D Matteoport - Interactive Floor Plans - HD Video - HD Pictures - Custom Online Brocheurs - are few of our items on the menu :)
  • Working with professional partners to facilitate our Buyers: Mortgage Specialist - Lawyers - Home Inspectors - Appraisers
  • We say NO to Open Houses

Contact us anytime with questions, concerns – or to discuss your favorite new recipe!  We are here for you.