VoxxSol insoles

VoxxSol insoles

Choose from our Classic, Rush or Bliss insoles



** Relief from foot pain

** Increased balance

** Increased strength

** Improved range of motion

NO comparable product

Outperform and offer more benefits than custom orthotics at a fraction of the price.

Our classic insole is the product that brought VOXX HPT to the masses. Perfect for your “everyday shoe”, these can be used while doing day-to-day activities as well as exercise.

Classic insoles provide a medium level of cushioning that allow the wearer to comfortably perform a range of activities.

Easy trim-to-fit design.

Available in Medium, Large, Extra Large

Polyurethane, with a nylon liner.

Bliss Enhanced Wellness insoles are the most cushioned insole that we offer. They are best for people that spend all day on their feet, or for seniors who would greatly benefit from the additional cushioning.

Rush insoles are perfect for athletic shoes and aiding athletic performance.

With the least amount of cushioning, they allow the user to get a good base to push off from when changing direction or making hard cuts.