Seduction: She's Out of My League

Seduction: She's Out of My League

Think you can't get that one woman you adore? Well, if you know how to seduce a woman out of your league, then you'd know that it is very much possible.

So, you really like this girl, but you think that you don't have a shot at her because she's the most popular and clearly the best looking one within a two-mile radius.

Change your negative beliefs

If you already think that you don't have a shot, then you already lost. Don't believe the misconception that extremely hot girls only go for the rich and handsome. If the girl of your dreams is at least a half-way decent lady, she'd feel insulted that you think that she's that shallow.

Truth be told, a lot of beautiful women are looking for a guy who'd like them not just for their looks, someone who would spend time with her, not just to show off to his friends.

Don't be afraid of rejection

There's nothing more self-destructive than having negative dating beliefs and a strong fear of rejection. You need to step over your fear, and get over your belief that the girl of your dreams is out of your league. Get it into your head that you are more than worthy of her attention.

Besides, what could be the worst that could happen when she does reject you? Other than having your ego bruised a bit, it should not affect you too much. As Wayne Gretzky, "the Great One," once said: you miss 100% of the shots that you don't take.

Seduction: She's Out of My League

Simona Todorova

Treat her as someone special to you

Girls appreciate it if you appreciate them. However, showing appreciation is more than just giving the girl expensive gifts. You can make the woman of your dreams feel like a queen without spending a fortune.

Do your research, check her socials, find out what she likes. Know what she likes to do when she's alone, how she likes her coffee, every little detail counts. When you put in the effort to know the real her, even a small token like a bunch of her favorite flowers will have a huge effect.

Show her that you're good enough for her

A lot of guys put too much effort into getting a girl's attention, but they haven't the slightest clue what to do next when they do succeed. You should be confident enough in yourself that you already have plans for when you do get the attention of the girl of your dreams. Treat her well, and show her that you are in her league.

If you want to be successful at seducing women, then you will need to be in control of every female encounter.

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