Creating Your Own #Blog with Klusster

Creating Your Own #Blog with Klusster

Klusster provides you the ability to easily create your own blog. But...we provide a few key differences when you are ready.

Why create a blog with Klusster?

WP Creations knew they wanted to create a blog.

There was one KEY request.

They wanted to find a way to make it easy for their 35 franchise owners to help with distribution. They knew, that by themselves, they couldn't reach as many people as a GROUP.

The Solution?

They decided to use the Klusster Platform to create their blog because they could do 2 unique things with Klusster!

  • They could invite their franchise owners and staff to be part of the distribution program.  With Klusster Teams, you can add multiple members to your BLOG DISTRIBUTION and reach more people.
  • Over the longer-term, they could invite other businesses to their network to work together and create a really powerful GROUP.

How did they start?

  • Step#1 WP Creations created a basket of great content and uploaded it to to their Klusster Portfolio
  • Step#3 They invited their 30 franchise owners to JOIN Klusster and using the Klusster Team Alerts. Now their 30+ franchise owners could all participate in distribution of content for the Blog.

That's It!

Each month, WP Creations uploads content (stories, promotions, articles) on things that matter to their "My Family Matters" group blog.

Auto Notifications

Through Klusster, the franchise owners are automatically notified of new content to share/distribute through their appropriate social media and the business owner can also see the distribution participation of each team member.

Imagine your team helping you with your blog?

Build a better blog for your company!

Next Steps?

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