I am a #smallbusiness. Help Me Please... Help Me Get Found Online.

I am a #smallbusiness. Help Me Please... Help Me Get Found Online.

If you follow a SIMPLE PROCESS and commit to being consistent, we can improve your ability to get found online by up 500% or more! (Without increased costs)

What is Klusster?

Klusster is a publication platform that enables a PEER GROUP of businesses ( 2 or More) the ability to quickly create a QUALITY BRANDED publication and consistently generate more online visibility.

Why would I create a Publication?

1. Improve Direct Traffic

By combining forces with a few incredible local PEER businesses, you combine your social media audience.  No longer will you be the only one responsible for driving traffic to your messages.

Simple Math:

If 3 business each have 700 followers on social media, and their combine these followers, your group now can reach 2,100.  A 300% improvement for each PEER. Imagine 10 businesses working together?

2. Improve Indirect Traffic

Putting up content into a publication can help validate the strength of your online presence and will improve your SEO results, provided you have a strong foundation of content on your website.

The Results Are Clear...

Below is a graph of the organic traffic of a local business that become part of a PEER Publication in January 2018

Notice, how their ORGANIC SEARCH improved when they decided to join forces in a PEER publication and be part of a community working together to drive traffic to a GROUP destination.

Before January 2018:  Average 75 monthly organic search leads.

After February 2018: Average  266 monthly organic search leads

This business made no other changes to their online marketing.

seo, improves, with sharing

Over 350% Improvement!  - Improve your SEO with Klusster

3. Engage With More Customers

The simple fact is the more relevant people you connect with, the greater your chances of engagement.  By taking the time to create quality messages, people will relate.  People will engage.

Stop Working Alone Online


1. Assemble a group of 2 or more community PEER businesses.

2. Each commit to the creation of 2 genuine pieces of content/mth

3. Create a PEER publication using Klusster

4. Each business commit to share the content and publication regularly.

5. Don't Worry. Klusster will make it easy for you to be consistent.

Get Started?

1. Join Klusster Today (It's Absolutely FREE!)

2. Start Creating Content.

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