Use NLP to Change Your Focus & Magnify Your Wellness!

Use NLP to Change Your Focus & Magnify Your Wellness!

Learn NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and use your unconscious mind to redirect your focus, your thinking, your behaviour and your results!

What is Wellness and what does focus have to do with it?

How do you define Wellness? Mental, physical, spiritual, perhaps all, perhaps more? And what is the purpose of pursuing Wellness? Is it for your longevity, your happiness, your success or simply to feel as good as you possibly can every day? Where, then, is your focus right now?

Use NLP to Change Your Focus & Magnify Your Wellness!

What if you had your fitness coach implanted in your mind, motivating you before your eyes even opened in the morning, and keeping you focused on your health, cheering you on? What if you had your best friend on your shoulder, all day long, reminding you to stay focused on how great you really can be! What if you had the voice of your spiritual leader with you always, slowing you down, noticing those opportunities where you could choose to respond with kindness and love. What if you had such faith in your ability to deal with any outcome, that you no longer felt stressed about the future. And where might your focus be then?


Does this sound too good to be true? If you're attempting to achieve these things through traditional methods of mental wellness, it may indeed be. But alas, there is NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming! NLP is a study and practice of using the connection between the neurological processes ("neuro"), language ("linguistic") and behavioural patterns learned through experience ("programming") and as such these can be changed to achieve specific goals in life. NLP can treat problems such as anxiety, depression, breaking bad habits, losing weight, dealing with chronic pain, emotional eating, addictions, learning disorders, and more.

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Despite its unparalleled successes in emotional state management and worldwide applications, without a 'field' to fit neatly into, NLP has remained a bit of a Lone Ranger. Known by too few, misunderstood by too many, this surprisingly effective and brilliant way of altering our limiting beliefs and emotional responses hasn’t yet been wholly embraced and explored in the ever growing field of Health and Wellness. But here, in our community, it is time.


Here are some examples of what is possible and the change people have made in just the last few months at our practice:

  • A woman in her 60’s with a life-long phobia of cats is now (after a 2 hr intervention) on her way to visit her cat loving family in South America.
  • A woman who was about to give up on her marriage and her business because her racing mind left her helplessly anxious and overwhelmed is now laughing with her kids, planning and dreaming with her husband and taking charge of her business with clarity!
  • A woman who avoided speaking to her family for years for fear of conflict and judgment, is now moved to tears as she talks about the deep, loving support she received when she broke through her own limitations and reached out.
  • A very successful man who last year, turned down a half a million dollar job because of his fear of flying, just boarded his first plane in decades and sent a cheerful text exclaiming his fearless joy and the success ahead!
  • A woman who was terrified of her pregnancy and birth is now jubilantly telling the story of how she championed her birth HER way!
  • An employer who had an unhappy, unproductive staff sent two managers to learn NLP and after just 7 days of training, those leaders have literally turned the work culture from one of grumbling and complaining to one of enthusiasm and shared success! And the list goes on!
Use NLP to Change Your Focus & Magnify Your Wellness!

All of this was the result of NLP Coaching!  All of these people are now moving toward a more complete wellness and are in the strongest, most resourceful state to achieve it! It starts with what you focus on!  Total Wellness is hearing your most supportive voices internally, so that you can focus on what you want!  As a result, you begin accessing your most resourceful states and can more easily live your purpose and feel empowered to create your best future!

Intrigued?  We hope so!  The opportunity to experience this first hand, or to learn the tools in a practical way for the betterment of your family, yourself, or your career is right now!  In 7 days you can learn these skills and tools for change!

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